Guest Post: Grande Challenges!

Today, I was able to spend more time in the presentations (and not just because I needed to sit down) mostly about diabetes causation and – drum roll – a cure. The day opened with an impressive lecture about the genetic links to diabetes. For me the takeaway was that Black and South Asian people develop type 2 when they’re skinnier than white people.

The rest of the morning I spent chatting with the awesome reps at Insulet and Dexcom. I got my hands on a Dexcom G7. It’s a real upgrade on my current Libre 2 because of the volume of real time data I could get out of it without a third party app. It’s small, really small, and much easier to apply than the G6. It may not seem important, but the box footprint is way smaller than the Libre 2 or the G6. This may sound trivial but with 3 Libre 2 users in the house, storage space is a genuine issue if we all get our scripts at the same time. Now I just need to persuade the kids to switch to Dexcom.

Omnipod 5 really is coming to the UK. And from what I heard, it may even be here sooner than we thought. The UK launch is going to be a “soft” one to avoid medics being hassled by all the current Dash and Eros users looking to upgrade. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier in the UK but appropriate staff training might be: HCP’s won’t be handing these out until they’ve been trained to use them.

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