10 Free printable Easter colouring pages

Printable Easter colouring pages

Easter is coming, and mums everywhere are racking their brains for ideas to keep their kids entertained during the holidays. One of the cheapest ways for creative fun is to grab the crayons and download some free printable Easter colouring pages.

It’s worth noting that they’re not just for the kids. Colouring in is known to help us mums chill out, too! In fact, this simple act can calm the brain and body, making you feel more relaxed. This, in turn, leads to all sorts of good things, such as better sleep and a healthier mindset.

All up, if you incorporate some Easter colouring into your holidays, it’s going to benefit everyone.

To save you time hunting down the best free printable Easter colouring pages, here are some I have used in the past, as well as new ones I found recently online.

10 Free printable Easter colouring pages

1. Cute chick and egg

Let’s start this list of Easter family fun ideas with the cutest chick and egg free printable I could find. It’s super easy to colour and so great for really little kids, too.

Cute chick and egg | Easter crafts for kids

Source: Muse Printables

2. Lots of eggs

Eggs everywhere! This simple yet beautifully detailed colouring piece is great for both adults and kids.

Lots of eggs

Source: Little Sprout Learning

3. Cute bunny with flowers

How did rabbits become synonymous with Easter? You might have to prepare an answer for that as your kids work on bringing to life the cutest bunny and all the foliage.

Cute bunny with flowers | Easter crafts for kids

Source: MUSE AI

4. Rabbit popping out of a spotted egg

Here’s a precious rabbit popping out of a spotted egg! It’s a super adorable and funny scene that both kids and adults will surely love. (And no, rabbits don’t come from eggs.)

Rabbit popping out of a spotted egg

Source: Life is Sweeter by Design

5. Bunny mandala

This super cute mandala is simple enough for kids yet pretty enough for mum, making it perfect for wholesome Easter family fun.

Bunny mandala | Easter crafts for kids

Source: Mom Loves Best

6. Intricate rabbit with flower pattern

Isn’t this one adorable? It’s a flowery rabbit! It’s just black and white now, but I can really imagine it coming to life with all the potential colours you can use.

Intricate rabbit with flower pattern

Source: Coloring Lib

Free printable Easter colouring pages (cont)

7. Easter bunny painting an Easter egg

This colouring page features a bunny painting an Easter egg… with a bunny inside. Just adorable!

Easter bunny painting an Easter egg | Easter crafts for kids

Source: DIY Magazine

8. Easter bunny with snail

If only snails were this cute and not a threat to our spring gardens, right?

Easter bunny with snail

Source: Pupla

9. Little bunny in the carrot house

This little rabbit in a carrot house is cute enough for both adults and kids for loads of Easter family fun. Your kids might ask for a carrot house of their own after this.

Little bunny in the carrot house | Easter crafts for kids

Source: Top Coloring Pages

10. Cute squirrel with a nut

Surely, spring is not just for rabbits. If you and your kids are done (or simply need a break) from the Easter bunny, I give you… the Easter squirrel!

Cute squirrel with a nut

Source: Everyday Chaos and Calm

Summary: Easter Family Fun

If your family is like mine, Easter is the perfect time to channel your artsy side as we surround ourselves with colours to signify the coming of spring (or the Resurrection of Jesus, if you’re Christian). It’s time to take your paintbrushes and coloured pens out for heaps of Easter family fun.

But it’s not all about painting Easter eggs. In fact, not all kids enjoy running around hunting for Easter eggs; some prefer things toned down. If that’s the case (or you just want to create new family traditions), you and your kids can bond over something simpler, cheaper, and a lot less messy with these free colouring pages!

Whether it’s crayons, watercolour, or acrylic paint – non-toxic, of course – your little ones will be delighted with these Easter-themed colouring pages. From eggs to flowers to bunnies and carrots, these printable designs were carefully curated to suit kids and kids at heart.

So, print them out and start colouring! Who knows, there might be a little Picasso in your brood.

Printable Easter colouring pages
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