10 Hilarious Christmas outfits for festive fun

Hilarious Christmas outfits

Come on, it’s Christmas. Let’s all dress up and have some fun!

Whether it’s a get-up for the kids, you, or the whole family, nothing screams Christmas like a festive costume.

Here are some great outfit ideas to get everyone into the Christmas spirit and remember this holiday for years to come.

Hilarious Christmas outfits for festive fun

1. The classic Christmas jumper

When it comes to Christmas outfits, the classic Christmas jumper is where it’s at. There are so many variations to this Holiday costume, from stylish to hilarious, that you really can’t go wrong.

The classic Christmas jumper | hilarious Christmas outfits

We found this at: forhappybaby

2. Blow up turkey

When you’re in the mood to serve up some laughs this holiday season, the turkey costume is a great option. We like something inflatable like this one from Temu that makes you look extra juicy.

Blow up turkey

We found this at: forhappybaby

3. Christmas gifts

What’s funnier (and wittier) than presenting yourself as a gift?! This hilarious Christmas outfit is lightweight and soft so you can wear it throughout the party without feeling uncomfortable.

Christmas gifts | hilarious Christmas outfits

We found this at: forhappybaby.com

4. Mrs. Claus

Is their dad out of the picture? Suit up as Santa’s better half this Christmas to hand out presents. Your kids will love you!

Mrs. Claus

We found this at: forhappybaby

5. For the Christmas babies

Let’s not forget the littles! We love dressing up in Christmas outfits as a family and taking photos. This Christmas-themed bodysuit with a front bow is adorable and festive.

For the Christmas babies | hilarious Christmas outfits

We found this at: Shein

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More Christmas-themed clothes

6. Christmas elf

Mrs. Elf all is dressed up and ready to make Holiday mischief. Wear it to a showing of the movie Elf on Christmas day with your family. Your kids may or may not approve.

Christmas elf

We found this at: Milanoo

7. Santa himself

Dressing up as Santa himself has advantages. It’s the perfect Christmas outfit if you’re a single mum, plus you can reuse the costume for next year’s holiday bash.

Santa himself | hilarious Christmas outfits

We found this at: Costume Box

8. Be a reindeer

If you’re tired of being Santa and want to try something different, this reindeer jumpsuit will do the trick. It’s comfy and warm, perfect for the cold weather.

Be a reindeer

We found this at: Costume Box

9. Be the tree!

Be the life of the party…be the tree! Literally. Everyone will gather ’round when they see you in this hilarious Christmas outfit. Comes with a star topper hat, decorations and gifts.

Be the tree! | hilarious Christmas outfits

We found this at: Light in the Box

10. Don’t forget the dog

Your furry friends deserve a holiday makeover, too. If you don’t like dressing up your pets in full Christmas outfits, a festive bandana like this one, a patterned bow, or a Santa hat is perfect.

Don't forget the dog

We found this at: Etsy

We hope you liked our list of hilarious Christmas costumes

Remember, the holiday season is not just about decking the tree; it’s also about decking yourself out in a hilarious Christmas outfit to bring joy to all who see you!

From classic Christmas jumpers to blow-up turkeys that’ll make you look extra juicy (in a good way), we’ve got your festive fashion covered. And who could resist becoming a walking Christmas gift or Mrs Claus herself?

We’ve even got options for the little ones and your furry friends – because, let’s face it, Christmas costumes are for everyone in the family, even the four-legged members.

So, whether you’re dressing up as Santa, an elf, a reindeer, or even the tree itself (complete with star topper hat and decorations), remember that it’s all in the name of festive fun.

Don’t be a Grinch; let’s all dress up, have some fun, and make this Christmas one to remember forever!

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