10 Practical gift ideas for kids they won’t find boring

Practical gift ideas for kids

Every birthday and Christmas it’s the same thing. You buy a bunch of new toys for your kids, that get forgotten about within a few days and only serve to take up more space in your house! Wouldn’t it be great to have some practical gift ideas for kids that they actually like?

If you don’t want to keep adding to your child’s toy collection then you might find yourself getting them clothes, something which can also very quickly pile up to unnecessary levels. Also, kids don’t usually appreciate getting “boring” gifts.

So, here are some suggestions for more useful presents you can buy for your kids that they will still be excited to receive.

1. Kids gumboots

We all know that little ones love to go out and get dirty, no matter the weather. Kids gumboots are a practical gift that you can get in bright colours that appeal to kids and the prospect of adventure that comes with them makes them an even more exciting gift.

Kids gumboots practical gift ideas for kids

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2. Backpack

Like the gumboots, the promise of going on an adventure is what makes a new backpack so exciting. In addition to this, you can get ones that are decorated in whatever way would bring your kids the most joy! There are plenty of adorable backpacks available for children of any age. 


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3. Toy box

This is the perfect gift for a child that has way too many toys and likes to leave them lying around anywhere. You are essentially buying yourself storage space but passing it off as a kid’s birthday present! It’s genius.

Toy box practical gift ideas for kids

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4. Alarm clock

Now bear with me, an alarm clock definitely does not seem like an exciting Christmas present, but you can get some pretty crazy alarm clocks! Getting your kids an alarm clock would be a huge help when it came to getting them up for school, and if you are really lucky it might actually make waking up that little bit more exciting.

Alarm clock

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5. Child-sized chair

This is a great gift for a child of any age (providing they are small enough). I don’t know any kid who would not be excited to get their very own miniature armchair to kick back and relax in. It serves a function (as a place to sit) but it can also add to the décor of your home if you pick the right style – in fact, the cutest chairs are the tiny versions of your own stylish sofas or armchairs.

Child-sized chair practical gift ideas for kids

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Practical gift ideas for kids they won’t find boring (cont.)

6. Lamp

This is another way to get some extra décor for your home but give it as a gift. Children’s lamps don’t have to be gaudy, plastic monstrosities shaped like their favourite cartoon character. There is heaps of choice online so you can easily choose a lamp which your child will love while also looking good in their bedroom.


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7. Packed lunch box

Is your child due a new lunch box? If so, giving them one as a gift makes a nice present but is also practical. Every child needs a good quality lunch box to keep their lunch and snacks cool at daycare or school. Lunch boxes in every colour, style and design, so choose one you know they’ll love.

Packed lunch box practical gift ideas for kids

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8. Umbrella

Worried about the weather? Umbrellas are another practical gift kids can use, rain or shine. While staying cute, your little ones are protected from heavy rains and UV rays. Make sure to get a different umbrella for dry and wet seasons, as the material used to make UV protection umbrellas is unsuitable for heavy rain.


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9. Bedding

Like us adults, kids also need high-quality sheets for that good night’s sleep. Good thing, bed linen comes in the most interesting patterns that your little ones will love to tuck themselves in. Giving your kid a set as a present is smart since you won’t have to spend separately on bedding.

Bedding practical gift ideas for kids

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10. Money box

Last on our list of practical gift ideas for kids: Start them young on saving money by getting your kid a money box. You hit three birds with one stone with this one: your kid gets a gift, you don’t need to buy a separate money box, and you can teach your little one a valuable life skill. Piggy banks are a classic, but you can find other fun designs like doll houses, treasure chests, or other animals.

Money box

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Final words: Practical gift ideas for kids

As mums, giving our kids gifts that will not simply become unnecessary clutter can be challenging.

Toys and clothes are fast and easy choices for many occasions, but they tend to be a hit or miss when it comes to our little ones.

The good news is that we now have practical and useful gift options available everywhere, such as alarm clocks, lunch boxes, bedding, and piggy banks. They come in fun and exciting designs nowadays, too, and they can also double as learning toys, so it’s a win-win situation.

Make sure to choose designs that reflect your kid’s unique interests and personality so that they will not find them boring and toss them into the junk!

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