12 Sexy lingerie outfits you won’t feel a complete fool in

Sexy lingerie

There’s nothing like sexy lingerie to help you get your confidence back in bed and feel desired. But the trick is … not to feel like a complete fool!

At the mildly worrying age of 49, when it comes to choosing fancy undies, I am very aware there is a fine line between hot and smokin’ and trying to hold it all in.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m fine in my own skin. I’ve housed two beautiful babies in this bod and no longer hide my stretch marks, instead, I wear them as a badge of honour. As a busy, working mum, I’ve not always had the time or energy to take care of my figure as I would have liked, and yes, it shows!

But none of this stops me from wanting to look and feel sexy … whether for a lover in the bedroom or just to make me feel damn good.

Yet, it can take a bold woman to pull off some of the latest sexy undies you can find online (think handkerchief for an ant!). So, what about the more reserved lady who wants to look great but stay within her comfort zone?

Don’t stress you gorgeous ladies. Here is my top pick of sexy lingerie outfits you won’t feel a complete fool in, alongside where to buy and browse for more.

As a recent addition to this article, I’ve included a section with my tips for buying sexy undies. I really hope this will help you not only choose the perfect outfit but also enjoy the process of picking something you feel super confident and crazy hot in.

12 Sexy lingerie outfits you won’t feel a fool in

1. Lovehoney Peek-a-Boo White Lace Babydoll Set

Lovehoney’s Peek-a-Boo White Lace Babydoll Set is the perfect combo of comfort and seduction. The plunging neckline with lace details draws the eye to your assets and the see-through skirt skims your hourglass figure. Adjustable straps and soft, clingy material ensure a great fit for all body types. And with the open-back design and cheeky thong, your lover won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Lovehoney Peek-a-Boo White Lace Babydoll Set | sexy lingerie

We found this at: Lovehoney

2. Enchanted Perpetual Femininity Plunge Underwire Corset

The Enchanted Perpetual Femininity Corset from Bras N’ Things is perfect if you love sexy lingerie that provides full support. The stretch fabric won’t cut into your skin and the sheer lace and mesh show off your assets. Pair it with a full-coverage satin top for ultimate comfort.

Enchanted Perpetual Femininity Plunge Corset

We found this at: Bras N’ Things

3. Leopard Print Camidoll set

Take a walk on the wild side in the Leopard Print Camidoll set from adultshop.com without showing too much. The plunging neck reveals cleavage but the cropped top hides flaws so you can look and feel confidently seductive. Made from gorgeous nylon mesh with lace detailing that you can wear with pants or jeans.

Leopard Print Camidoll Set | sexy lingerie

We found this at: adultshop.com

Where to buy sexy underwear online (cont.)

4. Libido Boost Eyelash Babydoll with Thong

This 2-piece set from ClubX is a bestseller and I can see why. It comes in red, black, and white – take your pick! Feel sexy and confident in an instant with its lace see-through design. The fabric feels super soft on the skin, while the flirty nightie and crotchless thong really up the seduction metre..

Libido Boost Eyelash Babydoll with Thong

We found this at: ClubX

5. Vixen Neon Symphony Bra and Panty

This garter belt and panty set from Femplay is anything but boring. It’s perfect if you want to feel comfortable while still feeling like a bombshell. The lace material is soft and flatters every figure, and the straps hug your body in all the right places. The peek-a-boo detail and neon hot pink material are super fun and flirty.

Vixen Neon Symphony Bra and Panty | sexy lingerie

We found this at: Femplay

6. Tropical Dreams Open Back Floral Lace Teddy

Colourful sexy lingerie is always a winner in my book. This aqua teddy from Wild Secrets will make you feel like a million bucks. Tease and strut confidently in the soft, stretchy fabric that hugs your skin and lets you move easily. The underwire cups enhance cleavage and the open-back design completes the vampy look. Plus, they offer discreet delivery!

Tropical Dreams Open Back Floral Lace Teddy

We found this at: Wild Secrets

7. Late Night Liaison Lace Body

Lovehoney’s Late Night Liaison Lace Body lets you seduce your lover with confidence. The deep V-neckline reveals cleavage and the sheer lace shows off your skin. Create an hourglass figure and a comfortable fit with the adjustable straps. And with the cheeky thong back and open crotch, they won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Late Night Liaison Lace Body | sexy lingerie

We found this at: Lovehoney

Buy sexy lingerie online in Australia (cont.)

8. Killing It Fishnet Bra Set

Be a master of seduction in the Killing it Fishnet Bra Set from Club X. The black mesh material is completely see-through, looks amazing on any body type and lets your turn up the heat without any self-consciousness.

Killing It Fishnet Bra Set

We found this at: Club X

9. Leopard Lace Mini Dress

Here’s another full coverage sexy lingerie you won’t look a fool in. Adult Toy Megastore’s pink leopard lace mini dress is a dream: sheer mesh cups and scopp neckline to show off you cleavage and collarbone, a flirty fitted skirt and matching panty, and leopard print lace with open side panels. Also great for wearing as a regular nighty.

Leopard Lace Mini Dress | sexy lingerie

We found this at: Adult Toy Megastore

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10. Milanoo Sexy Teddies

If you’re like me who loves to stick to basic shades like black and white – this sexy teddy will not disappoint. The body-hugging design will flatter your curves without being too tight on the skin. The belted design creates the illusion of a smaller waist and the v-shaped neckline draws the eye to your best features. We love the uber-cheeky thong and barely-there lace cups. This is the lingerie to wear if you want to impress.

Milanoo Sexy Teddies

We found this at: Milanoo

11. Underwired Lace Triangle Bra & Crotchless G-String Set

Lovehoney sexy lingerie always makes you look and feel awesome, and this bra and g-string set is no different. The halterneck bra accentuates your body shape with adjustable straps for a perfect fit. The underwire is just right for a gentle boost. Reveal all and send him to cloud 9 with the open thong and removable lace cups.

Lovehoney Underwired Lace Triangle Bra & Crotchless G-String Set | sexy lingerie

We found this at: Lovehoney

12. 2-Piece Peekaboo Bra and Gstring

Ladies who love feminine and sexy lingerie will adore the 2-piece peekaboo bra and g-string. The stretchy lace material, unlined cups and adjustable shoulder straps are designed for comfort and freedom of movement. We are obsessed with the tiny details: delicate lace trim and open-cut areas on the bralette and g-string…all designed to make you look and feel like a goddess.

2-piece Peekaboo Bra and Gstring

We found this at: Adulttoymegastore

My tips for choosing super sexy undies you won’t feel stupid wearing

Stick to your own style

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I don’t go for bright colours and the latest trends but love a little vintage and lace from time to time.

For this reason, I feel more comfortable in black or white lingerie with a retro yet raunchy look.

I advise you to choose sexy undies that match your everyday style because you’ll feel more comfortable in them. And feeling comfy and at ease is the fast track to that seductive, sensual look you’re going for.

Select styles that work for your body type

Like I said, my body is not how it used to be. But even if I’m proud of every single stretch mark, it doesn’t mean that I force myself on sexy lingerie designs that don’t look good on me.

Choosing undies that complement your body type is key to feeling confident and sexy, especially for mums in their fabulous 40s like me. Select styles that enhance your best features – embrace your curves!

If you’re an hourglass, highlight that waist; if you’re pear-shaped, draw attention to your upper body. Opt for lace or satin to add a touch of elegance, and if you have a vibrant personality, don’t shy away from bold colours.

Be sure to get the size right

Yes, you want to feel sexy and confident, but finding out that you’re now a size 16 (when you used to be a size 6) can cause that confidence to dwindle. Fear not fellow mum, because there are sexy lingerie brands that accommodate all shapes and sizes (like some of our recommendations above).

Remember, confidence begins with the perfect fit. The right size not only feels fantastic but also accentuates your curves in all the right places – a crucial feat if you’ll be wearing it on date night (*wink).

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-fitted bra or panties – it can make all the difference. Get professionally measured if needed (and if you can), because our bodies change.

I prefer lingerie that fits snugly and allows some room for a hint of mystery. Avoiding anything too tight or too loose is the golden rule.

Pick colours that suit you

So, I hit this lingerie store recently. The salesperson suggested a hot burgundy lace set. I was like, “Hmm, maybe?” I never had that shade before, so I was hesitant. But when I tried it on, it looked fantastic on me! The colour vibed with my skin tone, and suddenly I felt like a boss. Talk about a confidence boost!

Lesson learned – trust the store peeps and be open to trying new shades. This burgundy number not only hugged my curves but also gave me that extra oomph. Never underestimate the sass and confidence a killer hue can bring.

Browse online for inspiration

I’ll spill another one of my go-to moves when lingerie shopping. It’s none other than browsing body-positive platforms where real women showcase their killer looks. Scroll through different websites and check out influencers flaunting their fave brands and styles on social media.

I have found that Pinterest boards are a goldmine for unique lingerie ideas. I also appreciate how Instagram reels offer styles that cater to various body types. Remember not to focus solely on the models. Instead, consider them as everyday women embracing their sexy and the confidence that they exude.

Make use of the push-up bra!

Let’s talk about the magic that is the push-up bra!

This little wonder does wonders for giving the girls a boost, enhancing your cleavage, and adding that extra va-va-voom to any outfit.

When I’m feeling a bit low or just want to spice things up, I throw on a push-up bra and watch my confidence skyrocket. I’ve got a favourite black lace push-up that’s my go-to when I want to amp up the sass. Wearing it makes me feel like I don’t need to conform to anyone’s standards, and that I can embrace my curves and feel fabulous doing it.

The push-up bra will remind you just how gorgeous and confident you are, mama! Flaunt it, own it, and let that push-up bra be your lingerie sidekick.

Go for fuller cover (it can still be super sexy)

If you prefer rocking fuller-coverage lingerie, you definitely can! You can still be smokin’ hot and feel like a queen! Besides, sexy lingerie is not only about showing skin but embracing your body in whatever style makes you feel amazing.

Whether it’s lacy bodysuits or high-waisted sets that accentuate your curves and leave a little to the imagination – you can wear whatever design you want. Trust me, there’s something incredibly empowering about feeling secure and sexy at the same time.

I’ve got this killer black lacey bodysuit that’s my absolute favourite for those days when I want to command attention without baring it all. Remember, sexy comes in all shapes and styles, and rocking that fuller coverage can make you feel like the goddess you truly are!

Shop for sexy lingerie with a confident mindset

I cannot stress this enough, ladies – confidence is your ultimate accessory. Whether you’re shopping online or in a physical store, your mindset matters most – you have to own it!

Remember, the standards of society don’t matter, because you deserve to feel worthy, beautiful, and sexy. Don’t be afraid to try new styles or colours that speak to your fabulous self.

Strut into that shop or click through those websites with a mindset that says, “I am a queen, and I deserve lingerie that makes me feel like one.” Your confidence will radiate, and trust me, that’s the real secret to looking and feeling irresistible in whatever sexy lingerie you choose.

Summary: Sexy lingerie outfits you won’t feel a complete fool in

When buying sexy lingerie, comfort is key. You can either stick to pieces that make you feel good while looking great or you can be adventurous with your picks, as long as you’re comfortable. If you’re in a relationship, also consider your partner’s preferences and choose pieces that will make him hop in bed right away! Keep in mind, though, that you are celebrating your body, not conforming to unrealistic standards.

If you are happily single, that’s totally fine too! Remember, you don’t need to be with a man to buy sexy lingerie. Besides, they’re not only for sexy time- these undies help boost confidence in us ladies when we need it most.

Even when I was single, I rewarded myself with steamy pieces from my favourite brands, because I knew I deserved it. Whether it’s a lacy teddy or a silk chemise, make sure the pieces suit your unique shape – curves and all!

If it’s your first time buying sexy lingerie, my tips above will get you on the right track.

So, beautiful ladies, go forth with confidence, and let your lingerie shopping be a celebration of your fabulous self! Happy shopping!

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