15 Fun and free activities for kids in Sydney

free activities for kids in Sydney


As a mother who has braved the bustling streets of Australia’s harbour city with my brood, I’ve discovered heaps of free activities for kids in Sydney.

I’d love to share them so you can plan your trip without taking out an emergency holiday loan (don’t ever do this!).

Sydney, with its stunning landmarks and breathtaking landscapes, has an array of free activities that can turn your family adventure into a budget-friendly blast.

From breathtaking coastal walks with spectacular views to magical encounters with wildlife at the heart of the city, Sydney offers a diverse range of experiences.

Keep reading as we embark on a whirlwind tour through Sydney’s no-cost wonders. A journey that promises to keep your kiddos entertained and your bank account intact.

Where better to start on our complimentary journey than at the world-renowned Sydney Harbour?

Get the camera ready mum as photo opportunities abound!

From the harbour, you’ll be rewarded with a premier view of the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge. Look extra hard as you might spot brave people climbing it … a good time to feel grateful that you’re on solid ground.

Then there’s the iconic Sydney Opera House. You can get up close and personal by wandering inside the foyer to feel the ambiance (and, in the summer, the heavenly air-con). The wide stairs to the entrance make the perfect place to chill, snack and people-watch.

And don’t forget the nature. The harbour is a prime spot for whales, dolphins and seals (we saw one on the concrete shore behind the Opera House). Note: Whale season in Sydney is between May and November. If you see a group of people pointing excitedly out to the harbour, look where they’re looking, you may get a sighting!

Oh yes! The playground in Darling Quarter is going to bring a cracker of a day to your exuberant munchkins.

Wanna know why? This bursting Wonderland is crammed full of fabulous play equipment for children of all ages to run wild and free from your watchful eyes.

There’s plenty of water to splash around and challenging spaces like balance ropes, spider web climbing frames, flying fox and supernova roundabouts to entertain young children and big ones alike.

While jam-packed of fun is assured, the only downside is that it can get really busy … especially on the weekends.

My trip with my kids was on a weekday, so it was a lot quieter and heavenly. I suggest you do the same to experience the best this place can offer.

By the way, the playground in Darling Quarter is also referred to the Darling Harbour Water Park … I hope this saves you any confusion!

Remember all times you’ve asked your kids for help in the garden, but they wouldn’t? Well, now is the time to press your luck (once more) by enchanting them with a visit to the Botanic Gardens of Sydney.

This is the ultimate meeting place for people, science, nature and nurture.

From romantic rose beds to one-of-a-kind endangered plants from around the world, the gardens feature a diverse beauty that you can’t help but get mystified by (as I’ve seen in the eyes of my now-little garden helpers).

But among all of them, the garden display of “Cadi Jam Ora” was truly something special. The Cadi Garden is believed to be the first public garden that recognises the indigenous culture of Australia.

And the best part? You and your kids can FaceTime friends to boast about the Royal Botanic Garden, thanks to their free Wi-Fi throughout the area.

My little guy is a big sporting fan, and it was such a thrill to be able to take him to Sydney’s Olympic Park. Oh, yes, it’s the same epic stadium that hosted around 2000 Olympic games and a Rolling Stones concert, which is now very much open to the masses.

Our trip there was like being part of legendary moments … though we’d never been to an Olympic game or a Rockstar concert before.

Aside from breathing the air of history, you and your little balls of energy can enjoy bird spotting, ride bikes on the massive 430 hectares of parklands and swim in the same pool where Ian Thorpe won his gold medals.

And if you can handle the sweat and grit (because my un-athletic legs couldn’t!), take the not-to-be-missed Brickpit Ring Walk, elevated 18 metres above, and feel like an athlete.

Honestly, there’s nothing my little kids love more than watching the colourful flying chickens (as they call them!).

So, while I was on the hunt for free activities for kids in Sydney, the Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre was one of my top finds.

The centre is actually a 48-hectare Newington Nature Reserve that is home to more than 200 native birds and other animals. They even have a bird book and an educational room for creative learning.

One of the most fascinating facilities in the centre is the EagleCam. It’s a video technology where visitors can get close to the resident White-bellied Sea Eagles. And guess what? We were lucky enough to catch a bird’s-eye view (excuse the pun) of a chick in the nest.

However, if you miss the chick, don’t stress. There are still plenty of birds that can be seen somersaulting in all their fine feathers around the reserve, such as the Rainbow Lorikeet and the Chestnut Teal.

We love the ocean … and luckily Sydney has over 100 fantastic beaches to spend the perfect sunny summer on – from the heavenly calm secret coves to busy surfing spots.

Whether the kids want to build sandcastles or mums going for a cocktail on the beachfront after paddle boarding, everyone gets to pick their fun and relaxing aquatic activity on Sydney’s many famous beaches.

Starting off with Bondi Beach and its bubble of shops, cafes and hotels … for anyone looking for outdoor entertainment post-swim.

From there, you can switch beaches by taking the 40-minute coastal walk to Bondi’s nearest sister shore, Bronte, which is popular among surfers and swimmers.

But if you’re looking for something unique, you can visit Gordon Bay, a little oasis that is home to underwater nature trails. The family can take a dip there and walk around the bay. Enjoy the tasty burger joint right ahead and their bestseller fish burger, which is super delicious.

If you hang around with the locals, you will find several people talking about one common tourist spot destination: Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden.

Contrary to its name, this famous Sydney stopover isn’t really a secret. It’s a place that gets featured on television and radio a lot, with countless visits from people all over the world.

The Secret Garden (as me and my kids learnt) is a haven created by Wendy Whiteley where you can discover sculptures around twisting pathways.

The nature patch is so serene that you can greatly enjoy reading a book under the garden’s canopy. You may even get lucky like my utterly adventurous younglings and stumble upon a fairy house.

The secret garden is open and free all days of the week. But just a bit of a reminder: Since we’re mums jet-setting with our little companions, there are steep inclines and ranges to watch out for.

Other than that, rest assured, you’re going to enjoy your visit there.

Your adventure to the Australian Museum with your kids will not be a bore and a waste of time. Honest, we went there ourselves, and guess what? We loved it!

The Australian Museum is the first Australian museum built in 1827, which means it’s old (not haunted though), but you wouldn’t notice that. The museum is equipped with up-to-date technology (I found out it was recently renovated in 2020).

They have an impressive educational collection of Australian culture from almost 200 years ago. The main highlights are the “Wild Planet Exhibition” and the storeys from indigenous Australian folks – both of which wowed my kids into silence for a short while.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is considered to be an Australian flagship for visual arts institutions. So, if you want to skip going to the Australian Museum, maybe you want to consider visiting this one instead. Although, my recommendation is to do both if you can.

Every year, this art gallery attracts a million visitors because of its large collection of art. Another thing that adds to its alluring beauty is that it’s located within the beautiful parklands, with just a 15-minute walk from the city centre.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to crash your bank account to come and join the events and exhibitions; they’re totally free – making it perfect for my list of free activities for kids in Sydney.

Just in time, in 2022, the art gallery expanded with a new museum campus across two adjacent buildings that are linked by a public art garden.

And if you ever need some refreshments, there are plenty of cafés and kiosk that feature native Australian ingredients.

There are even regular guided tours that offer Korean and other languages, which we attended only because of my son’s knack for manga and Japanese lingo (true story!).

The Barangaroo Reserve is Sydney’s buzzing waterside precinct, cocooned by 7,500 native shrubs and trees and vast green lawns with a to-die-for view of the harbour.

Fun fact? The beautiful 6-hectare land was once used for storage containers. Now, it has been returned to the people, with plenty of free activities for kids in Sydney.

For starters, there are walking trails, sandstone steps and several coves, which I might say are the best picnic spots. If you get hungry after taking a stroll into the Wulugal Walk, you can bring your own food, or you can just grab an easy bite from the many bars and restaurants.

What’s more? Right at the entrance, there’s an audio-visual artwork that is very educational for your kids. The reserve is even beautified with important public artwork, which is very pleasing. And we’ve seen it all.

In terms of fish variety, Sydney Fish Market is the largest in the world outside of Japan.

This was one of our absolute favourite excursions as we all love seafood.

The size and activity in this market is quite staggering. Be sure sure to keep hold of younger kids as there is so much to see and people everywhere.

True story: I told my kids, who were six and nine years old at the time, they could choose anything they wanted for lunch. ‘Anything all” I said grandly while gesturing to the huge array of seafood around us. I had assumed they’d both go for fish and chips, but no, two lobster it was!

So while the Sydney Fish Market makes a great free activity for kids in Sydney, it can get pricey if you choose to dine there … especially if your littles ones have expensive tastes like mine.

If you want free activities for kids in Sydney, you should go visit the Centennial Parklands.

This grand park has a European vibe to it, covering 189 hectares of land. It has gardens, ponds, a Grand Avenue, cycle tracks, sporting fields and some statues … all great photo ops. Oh, and for cost, there is horse riding too.

My youngest said it was “so magical that it looks like the village where Frodo and his furry feet gang would hang out.”

Once you finish galloping on horseback feeling elfish, you can visit the cafes and restaurants around the corner.

To keep you visit free, there is plenty of outdoor fitness equipment to use in the area. And there are also 15,000 fantastic trees to read under and enjoy a picnic with the family.

Playgrounds are a staple of free activities for kids in Sydney.

Over the years, I’ve made several trips to Sydney as a teen and a mum. Though every visit has a new destination to offer, there is no better place to have fun with your energetic nippers than Tumbalong Park Playground.

This park is right by the water. You can sit under the shade and watch the boats coming in and out of the docks (as my kids love to do). Or take a scenic stroll on the massive playground and get social with the locals.

But if you want more fun, there’s a ping pong table and water features to cool off the summer heat. Afterwards, if the family gets hungry, there’s a bunch of cafés and restaurants for your pickings.

And you know what the best part is? Everything I just mentioned is free, except for the food, of course.

Looking for free stuff to do with kids in Sydney that keeps the whole family fit (while tiring everyone out)?

If that’s a yes, you will love the Bondi to Coogee Coast Walk.

Apart from getting to visit two of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches, the stroll between these shores reveals plenty of local scenic views.

The iconic 6-kilometre walk from Bondi to Coogee takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete. Now, this might be challenging for the kids, but trust me, the walk is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Along the way, there are clifftops, amazing cafes and parks to take a respite from. And honestly, with all the stops we took in between, it took us a full day to finish the walk.

Therefore, I suggest doing the walk in the morning. And don’t forget your sunscreen because the summer heat is intense, especially with minimal tree cover.

Want to soak up in Sydney with a twist of history? Take a ferry ride and detour to Cockatoo Island.  

This piece of land is a remarkable historical mark in Sydney that has contributed to Australian maritime affairs for more than 100 years.

It’s the perfect free activities for kids in Sydney with a sprinkle of history lessons.

Once you set foot in Cockatoo, you’ll be intrigued and inspired. The island used to be a site for shipbuilding and convict prisons in the 1800s. Amazingly, it has the only surviving dry dock built by the convicts.

Feeling a bit spooked? Don’t be; our travel was full of sunshine, I swear (just ask my little brave companions).

You can wander around its famous attractions, (ghost-free, just kidding), like the heritage and campground accommodations and panoramic views. Then, afterwards, you can sit and relax in the waterfront cafes.

Free activities for kids in Sydney: My summary

There you have it: My list of free activities for kids in Sydney.

From our favourite (the Sydney Fish Markets) to the action-packed (Tumbalong Park Playground), and the historic (the Australian Museum) to the iconic (all of Sydney’s world-class beaches), there is so much free stuff that you’ll be spoiled for choice.

When you’re planning your trip to this brilliant city, make sure you pad out your itinerary with some of these options to keep you kids entertained and your bank account intact.

Luckily, Sydney boasts efficient, reasonably price public transport, so getting from place-to-place is easy, fun and cheap. Make use of trains, buses and, of course, the famous Sydney ferries. And, get your little ones walking because that’s how to see the most.

Enjoy your Sydney adventures … especially the ones that cost you nothing!

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