15 Valentine’s Day gifts to get for yourself

Valentines gifts get yourself

Valentine’s Day is about love. And we all know that love comes in many different forms.

We love our partners (if you have one, I don’t) but we also love our kids, our friends, our families, our pets and that huge bar of chocolate in the fridge … but most importantly we love ourselves.

And if you don’t, it’s about time you started!

So if you are lacking on the partner front, don’t let that stop you celebrating Valentine’s Day. Instead, shower yourself with love (and a little gift) to remind yourself how amazing you are.

Get inspiration and ideas from my list of Valentine’s Day gifts to get for yourself.

Valentine’s Day gifts to get for yourself because you bloody deserve it

Breakfast in bed

My favourite gift on this list of Valentines gifts to get yourself: breakfast in bed! It’s nice to wake up on Valentine’s Day to a tray of goodies prepared by someone else. But as a single mum, you can still have your romantic breakfast spread by giving yourself a foldable bed tray.

Breakfast in bed | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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Spa day

Have a soothing spa day in the comfort of your home. Treat yourself to a set of high-quality essential oils that energise, revitalise, calm, and destress. Note: You can get cheaper essential oils but the Eco Essential ones below actually work.

Spa day

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A book

A romantic or empowering read makes for meaningful Valentine’s gifts to get for yourself. I love a good thriller but why not get in the Valentine’s theme with something gooey and romantic?

A book | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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IPL hair removal device

Hair removal might not seem very sexy but silky, smooth legs are. I am obsessed with my IPL hair remover and love the fact that I no longer have to shave or wax. This is a Valentine’s gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

IPL hair removal device

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Special occasion glass ware

Drink your fave cocktails from stylish special occasion glassware this Valentine’s day. Also perfect for weekend entertaining or as a housewarming gift.

Special Occasion Glass Ware | | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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Your favourite perfume

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts to get for yourself, your favourite perfume is always a great idea. An amazing scent is a powerful way to alter a mood and make you feel like the goddess that you are.

Your favourite perfume

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A skydive!

Looking for a super thrilling Valentine’s gifts to get for yourself? Nothing beats a skydive for the brave and adventurous. Yes, I have done it and no, I wouldn’t do it again.

A skydive | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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Beautiful flowers are always nice Valentine’s gifts to get for yourself. Flowers brighten up a room and make you feel oh so appreciated. Because you deserve it.


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What should I buy myself for Valentine’s Day?

Gratitude box

This Valentine’s gift to get yourself takes memory jars to a whole new level. And it really works. I love writing down everything I am grateful for and reminding myself of the good parts of my life … especially on days when I feel down.

Gratitude box | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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Send yourself a hamper

There’s something about receiving a hamper that makes me feel spoiled and loved … even if I bought it for myself. While there’s literally hundreds of baskets to choose from, getting the chocolate hamper is a no-brainer for Valentine’s Day. (By that I mean, when it comes to chocolate, there’s no need to involve the brain.)

Send yourself a hamper

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A week’s worth of food and meal ideas

You deserve the best, high-quality ingredients for every meal you make. Foodies will love a week’s worth of food and meal ideas delivered straight to their doorstep.

A Week's Worth of Food and Meal Ideas | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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Candles or insense

I usually buy candles and nice smelling gifts for other people. So buying them for myself feels rather decadent. Make sure you get good quality candles as they smell best and they last the longest.

Candles or insense

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Luxurious stationery

Luxurious stationery makes journalling and organisation a treat instead of chore. Get on-trend designs in soft pastels or bold prints to match your personality.

Luxurious stationery | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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We can’t have enough jewellery. Whether basic or bougie, bling is one of the most amazing Valentine’s gifts to get for yourself.


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Massage gun

Nothing says Valentine’s like a nice massage. I have one of these guns and get my kids to use it on my back but you can reach your neck and shoulders yourself with it. Ahhh the pleasure.

Massage gun | Valentines gifts to get yourself

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Summary: Valentine’s Day gifts to get for yourself

Being surrounded with romance and lovey dovey couples on Valentine’s Day can be tough if you’re newly single or partner-free. But as a pro in this field, I’m telling you: not at all! It’s a day for celebrating all sorts love – not just the romantic kind – and showing appreciation for the people you love. That includes yourself.

There’s a lot of things you can do so you don’t dread Valentine’s Day. From indulging in food you love, pampering yourself or doing fun experiences to getting the perfume or jewellery you’ve always been dreaming of, there’s no shortage of ideas for Valentines gifts to get yourself.

If you haven’t noticed, the 15 ideas I’ve listed in this guide are things you will get for yourself or the house anyway. You shouldn’t have to wait for February 14 to give yourself the tender loving care you so deserve. But receiving something special on Valentine’s Day still feels good. Getting it delivered on this special day allows you to become a lot more excited instead of feeling lonely on Valentine’s.

I’m sure you can think of more options for Valentines gifts to get yourself. The best thing about getting yourself a gift is that you’re sure to like it. (Except, in my case, skydiving, but at least I can finally cross it off my bucket list.)

Extra points if you have your gift ordered and paid for ahead of Valentine’s Day. Not worrying about paying for it (and thinking you could’ve spent it on something else) allows you to truly indulge in your gift.

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