20 Sneaky places to hide Christmas gifts to outwit your kids

Gift hiding

So, as usual you’ve gone overboard with pressies for the kids this Christmas. But where-oh-where can you hide them from excited prying eyes between now and the big day? Gift hiding can be a real challenge.

There is nothing worse than your little ones finding their gifts before Christmas and ruining the surprise on their special day. I’m not sure who would be more disappointed … me or them!

So, if you’re stuck for where to stash your gifts, we have you covered with some clever (possibly unusual) gift hiding places which you may not have thought of.

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20 Gift hiding places to outwit your kids this Christmas

1. Around the spare tyre in your car

Forget the car boot as it’s too exposed but what about hiding Christmas gifts in the spare wheel compartment? Note: Please don’t remove the spare tyre and get caught short with a flat tire and no spare.

2. Behind wall art or mirrors

Kids are probably thinking, “my parents are not that creative.” So, your moppets will never suspect that you’re hiding Christmas presents behind wall art or mirrors like Sherlock Holmes. Besides, it’s quite high up there and heavy… your tiny snoopers won’t even try.

3. A suitcase

A suitcase is an obvious gift hiding place, but not so for your kids. Make sure you use the one at the bottom of the pile that is hardest to access and open. Better still, use a case with a padlock or combination code to open it.

4. The attic

If you dare go up there, the attic or loft in your home can make a great hiding place. Perhaps be careful with edible gifts as you never know what might be lurking up there, and make sure you do it safely!

5. Under the mattress

The hidden space under your mattress is a top-secret spot for flat presents. Kids won’t dare to go to your room, pull out the heavy mattress and make a mess of your bed that’s an instant invitation for “grounded!”

6. Make a trick box

Get an ordinary cardboard or storage box and label it with something utterly boring to your kids, like “old school uniform” or “holiday homework”. Then pile in the gifts until needed.

7. Someone else’s house

Get the gifts outta the house altogether. Leave them in the care of a family member, friend or neighbour where they will be completely safe from peering little people.

8. Leaf sucker bag

Empty the bag on your leave sucker, pop the gifts inside (maybe inside a black bag) and reassemble leaf sucker. Note: Remember not to use between now and Christmas!

9. Inside a musical instrument

Remember the piano sitting in the living room? That piano is actually a great spot to hide small and flat presents from prying little eyes. Just pop open the lid and sneak in the gift, but do it discreetly while the kids are away at school.

10. Shed or outbuilding

Is there somewhere outside the confines of your home that would work for present hiding purposes. Think shed, outbuilding or an outdoor storage container. Make sure it’s dry though.

11. At the shop

Order your gift and pick up from the shop as late as you possible can. Or put it on lay-by and make the final payment and collection a few days before Christmas. This way the store is hiding it on your behalf, winning!

12. Under the floor

Those pesky creaking floorboards that have been annoying you all year might come in handy. Can you pull up a couple and stash gifts in a cavity beneath?

13. Inside shoes

Need a space for smaller gifts? Try tucking it inside your shoes and then casually put it on the shoe rack. Trust me, no kid is going to touch or dismantle any shoe…thinking it stinks!

14. With the cleaning stuff

Children keep a wide berth when it comes to anything to do with cleaning. Use it to your advantage and stuff the pressies at the back of the cleaning cupboard where they’ll remain snoop-free.

15. A two tier toolbox

Pull out the top layer of your toolbox, stash the gifts and return the level. Job done! If you have a lock, that’s even better. This is only suitable for hiding small gifts, depending on the size of your took box.

More gift hiding ideas

16. Christmas tree box

Get clever by hiding presents in the empty Christmas tree box. Your children will be way too focused on the tree and all its sparkly decorations to pay heed to the box.

17. A very high place

Out of reach is good tactic. Think on top of kitchen cupboards or top shelves of wardrobes. Be careful if you have a little climber though as we don’t want any accidents trying to reach them.

18. In the chimney (non working fireplaces only!)

Some places are off-limits for kids and the chimney is definitely one of them. If you need space for girthy presents, the dark spooky chimney offers a roomy spot that not even your mischievous brood will dare peek at. Note: Just make sure it’s not working, and that your gift is not climate-sensitive.

19. Lockable filing cabinet

Got a lockable filing cabinet? Pull out the files, put in the presents and lock. Just remember where you put the key!

20. In an esky

An esky is only of interest to kids if it’s full of sugary drinks and snacks. The dusty one in the garage is prime for presents that need to stay hidden.

One other suggestion for kid’s gifts before Christmas day

Rather than going to great lengths to hide Christmas gifts from your kids, try having a conversation with them about it.

Ask them how it would feel on Christmas morning if they had found their gift before and ruined the surprise.

It is a good test of willpower and patience if your child knows where their gift is but chooses to leave it untouched until Christmas day.

Final thoughts on gift hiding so you’re kids don’t find them

The quest to outwit our eager little gift detectives during the holiday season is a mission that every parent can relate to. We all want that magical moment on Christmas morning when their eyes light up with joy and surprise. After all, who wants to be the Grinch that stole their own children’s Christmas excitement?

Our list of 20 clever (and possibly unusual) gift hiding places offers a variety of options to keep those precious presents under wraps until the big day arrives. From the spare tire compartment in your car to the dark depths of the chimney (as long as it’s not working, of course!), these hiding spots are sure to keep your kids guessing.

But before you embark on an elaborate mission to hide gifts, consider a different approach – a heartwarming conversation with your children. Explain to them the magic of surprises and the joy of anticipation that makes Christmas morning so special. Challenge them to exercise their willpower and patience by leaving their gifts untouched until that magical day dawns.

In the end, it’s not just about where you hide the gifts, but about the memories you create and the values you impart.

So, whether you choose to employ our sneaky hiding spots or opt for a heartfelt conversation, may your holiday season be filled with love, laughter, and the joy of giving.

And who knows, maybe this year, you’ll be the one to outwit not just your kids but also the holiday stress!

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