75+ Gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2024

Mother's Day 2024 Beanstalk Mums

Are you struggling with gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Say no more!

We’ve had an incredible rummaging around and have come up with over 75 present suggestions that the queen in your life deserves.

Get inspired and treat your Mum with our super-long Mother’s Day 2024 gift ideas. These presents will not only put a smile on her face but also make her heart flutter.

Fabulous gift ideas for Mother’s Day

First on our list of gift ideas for mums is a real, living plant. Though it’s nice to receive a bouquet once in a while, a plant is something that will last mum longer. All she has to do is take care of the plants – one thing we know she’s an expert at.

Plant | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Petals Network

Relax those tired hands and relieve achy muscles with a massager. Get something portable so mum can take it with her when she travels. Find the perfect massager for your mum: Massage guns: What, why and where to buy.

A massager

We found this at Big W

Send Mum an elegant arrangement of beautiful flowers and greenery. We like something with chrysanthemums, which are synonymous with Mother’s Day in Australia. This is one of our classic gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Beautiful flowers | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Daily Blooms

Give Mum the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Contour® flip pillow. This is no ordinary pillow, as it features an ergonomic design that helps improve spine, neck, and head alignment.

Contour® flip pillow

We found this at Global Shop Direct

If Mum has no time (and budget) to visit the spa, she will fall head over heels for this hair removal set. It is sleek, user-friendly, and perfect for every skin type. She will love that she can do this in the comfort of her own home.

IPL Hair Removal Handset | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Dermeren

Add a pop of colour to plain outfits with fun retro earrings. It’s like a pick-me-up for your OOTD. (Make sure you pick a design that resonates with her style so the pair will not stay in her trinket box.)


We found this at Klayy Collection

The natural skincare and cosmetic line that has taken Hollywood by storm is now available in Australia. On this special day, mums can look and feel their best with pure skin and body products and a full range of makeup coloured by the antioxidant-rich pigments of fruits and vegetables.

100% Pure Makeup | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at 100% Pure

Mum needs stylish salt and pepper pots to make her fall in love with her kitchen all over again. Choose natural materials like wood to coordinate with your tableware easily.

Salt and pepper pots or grinders

We found this at Temple & Webster

Our next pick is perfect for mums experiencing hormonal imbalance. We love this vegan enhancer because it is pesticide-free and made from sustainable ingredients.

Enhancer | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Pharma Botanica

This safe-to-use diffuser is perfect for mums who want to relax at home. Its mist, which features a swirling effect in pink marble, gives off a very feminine vibe.

Polly pink resin MoodMist® diffuser

We found this at Dusk

Next on our list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2024 is what every grill-loving mum needs. The fact that it is an outdoor grill and an air fryer in one makes it a winner in our book.

Mothers day gifts 2024 Beanstalk mums

We found this at Global Shop Direct

This portable cheese board is a must-have for foodie mothers who travel often or spend a lot of time outdoors. We like a folding wooden board that’s easy to store.

Cheese board

We found this at Amazon

This exfoliating and hydrating set will surely make mum’s inner glow radiate to the outside, too. The set comes with a buffer. Don’t you just love the colour of this pair?

Body polish | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Esmi

It’s not just a bag… it’s a personalised bag! Make mum feel even more special this Mother’s Day with a monogrammed clutch that’s made just for her.

Personalised bag

We found this at Olga Berg

Motherhood is hard and it can show on every mum’s skin. Give your mum friends the gift of younger-looking skin. A skincare set that hydrates dry, tired skin is a must.

Skincare | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Clinique

Does mum need to have more fun… maybe a chance to earn some money while being pampered by a man? Turn her into a sugar baby with this subscription. (Just make sure she’s consenting, ok?)

Sugar daddy services

We found this at Sugarbook

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day (cont.)

It’s time to put away the mobile phone and slow down with a jigsaw puzzle that stimulates the creative juices. The best thing? She can make this into a family activity to take the kids off their gadgets.

Jigsaw puzzle | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Kogan

Antioxidants are every mum’s best friend. myBrainCo’s Cell Protect is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting as well. Discover more great superfoods here: 10 Superfood supplements to help mums get through the day

Antioxidant powder

We found this at myBrainCo.

Gift ideas for mums (cont.)

Mums can’t have too many books. Something hilarious like this one will make long days more bearable.

A book | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Booktopia

Learning new skills, like a new language, is a great gift that no one can take away. Mums will love one-on-one lessons or even a group class from certified language teachers.

A language lesson

We found this at Italki

Does she love coffee? (Well, who doesn’t?) Give her something familiar but different this Mother’s Day. We suggest a coffee plunger in a classy, unique design.

Coffee plunger | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Vittoria Coffee

An adults-only card game that’s hilariously embarrassing? It’s the perfect gift for mums with a sick sense of humour.

Funny card game

We found this at Crazy Sales

Have you got a ‘Sweet tooth’ for a mum? Peak Chocolates will satisfy her cravings without the guilt! These treats are gluten-free and have no sugar added.

Peak Chocolate | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Peak Chocolate

Mums need comfy slip-ons after a hard day’s work. These stylish mules are perfect for winter, paired with a cup of hot tea.


We found this at Walnut Melbourne

What to get Mum for Mother’s Day (cont).

Mums deserve proper nourishment. Healthy Mummy smoothies work wonders for that. They are quick and easy to make, perfect for busy mothers.

The Healthy Mummy | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at The Healthy Mummy

Give Java addicts a twist on the old cuppa. Healthier alternatives to regular coffee look good, taste awesome and are super nutritious.

Healthy coffee

We found this at Nutra Organics

(Save 10% on any heavenly Nutra Organic products with checkout code: BEANSTALK.)

Make precious me-time even more relaxing with a great-smelling candle. Personalise your gift with Mum’s name and a sweet or inspiring message.

Yummy-smelling candle | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Big W

Fan of fitness and courses? Why not give the gift of a self-paced online course? She can even have a certificate to add to her credentials.

A fitness course

We found this at Coursera

If your mum is a health buff and won’t accept chocolates, The Lady Shake will do the trick. These low-sugar meals contain nutrients equivalent to a complete meal. They’re healthy and yummy!

The Lady Shake | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at The Man Shake

Give Mum something to cool her off in this extreme heat. She can take this portable fan anywhere as she lounges after all the chores. Especially helpful for those mums going through menopause!

Portable fan

We found this at Global Shop Direct

Gift ideas for mums (cont.)

Give your mother or mum friend a break from cooking meals every day. Hello Fresh offers a wide selection of meals that can be customised based on your mum’s monetary needs and preferences.

Hello Fresh meal kits | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Hello Fresh

Cruelty-free, biodegradable hand and dish soap? No mum wouldn’t love that! Koala Eco products are environment-friendly and great for mums with sensitive skin.

Koala Eco gift boxed set

We found this at Minimax

This Oriental-detailed ceramic set is an excellent addition to any mum’s collection. These fine homeware will bring a Japanese touch into her kitchen.

Concept Japan | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Minimax

The gift of health is perfect for mums. Health-conscious mums will love to have their juicer to make healthier drinks for the whole house. The best thing about our pick? It also makes pasta, ice cream, and so much more!


We found this at Global Shop Direct

Treat mum with a pampering body brush that revitalises and exfoliates the skin. Get something with a long handle for those hard-to-reach areas. If she’s not yet at it, maybe it’s time to introduce her to the beautiful world of dry brushing in the morning.

Body brush | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Temple and Webster

Making healthy desserts is now effortless with a handy ice cream maker. Mum will have a blast preparing frozen fruit desserts in a few minutes.

Ice cream maker

We found this at Betta

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day (CONT.)

A psychic reading is an incredible Mother’s Day present, whether mum’s a fan of the occult or she just needs a bit of entertainment. Whether she needs spiritual help with her love life, finances, career, and life path, this is a fun gift to give.

Psychic reading | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Soulight

If your Mum trying to lose weight, she will love a WeightWatchers membership plan. With this subscription, she will hit her goal weight quickly.

WeightWatchers membership

We found this at Weightwatchers

Just clean, wholesome goodies, but with a luxe touch. They’re blooms that won’t wilt. They’re goodies without any of the bad stuff (no preservatives, artificial flavours or sickly sweet additions). Vegan, gluten-free options, dairy-free and all healthy homemade snacks – what’s not to love?

A healthy, edible posy | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Wholesome Posy Co.

Next on our list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2024 is a charming table ornament that can light up any home. We also love how it features a flickering LED candle instead of a real one. The mother-and-child design is a classic.

Mum and daughter candle holder

We found this at Light in the box

Mums will adore a set of bracelets that match any outfit, whether casual, dressy, or office. This is an absolute winner when it comes to gift ideas for mums.

Bracelets | Mothers Day 2024

We found this on Amber Sceats

Say goodbye to boring coasters. Choose something botanical or floral for nature lovers or something stylish and bold for the classy mum.


We found this at Living Styles

Now, mums have a reason to take the day off and stay in bed until noon: a gift hamper filled with gourmet goodies and other favourites. Check out many other hampers that mums will love here: Mother’s Day hampers for delivery in Australia.

A hamper | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Petals Network

Mum will be delighted to receive a scarf that is chic and practical. Wear it as a top on the beach, or keep your locks in place on a windy day. Talk about versatility!

A handy scarf

We found this at Czarina

Gift ideas for mums (cont.)

An outdoor wine table is excellent paired with a folding cheese board for picnics and outdoor fun. We like something big enough to hold a spread for two—one of our favourite gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Outdoor wine table | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Kogan

Give mum a stylish trinket pot to store her most prized possessions. This lovely metal one can hold all her jewellery.

Trinket pot

We found this at Myer

Who said you can’t gift your mum new lingerie? Our pick from Wild Secrets is made from breathable fabric and will accentuate her curves, making mum feel good about herself.

Wild Secrets lingerie | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Wild Secrets

Colouring books are all the rage, especially for stressed women who desperately need some alone time. We suggest something naughty with plenty of swear words.

Colouring book

We found this at Booktopia

You can’t go wrong with a new addition to her wardrobe when it comes to gift ideas for mums. Cotton On offers a wide selection of comfortable clothes at a budget-friendly price.

Cotton On Comfiest | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Cotton On

Mother’s Day gift ideas (cont.)

Jumpsuits plus florals are the perfect combination for our next pick. However, make sure you know your mum’s size before purchasing!

Enid floral jumpsuit

We found this at Princess Highway

Elevate tea time to another level with an elegant tea gift set fit for a queen. Get one in mum’s favourite colour.

Tea for one | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Tea 2 Tea

Hair care products are a great gift idea, but so are wigs! Wigs allow mums to experiment with different looks without committing to a completely new hairstyle.


We found this at Oh My Pretty

Are you looking for a unique gift for an exceptional person? Look no further than an elegant, smart watch in a soft, pastel shade.

Smartwatch | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Big W

You can’t go wrong with personalised jewellery. They make brilliant Mother’s Day gifts and keepsakes for future generations.

Personalised Jewellery

We found this on Etsy

Treat Mum to an unusual kitchen gadget and save her loads of time on food prep. We like this automatic pan stirrer with an LED speed indicator.

An unusual kitchen gadget | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Crazy Sales

They’ll gladly replace their boring old tumbler with a cute, stylish one. We suggest double wall material to keep drinks hot while travelling or on the go.

A cute water bottle

We found this at Temple & Webster

Mum will fall in love with this fox-inspired tote. It’s easy to clean and spacious, so it can accommodate all her stuff. It’s perfect for quick grocery runs.

Felicity fox tote | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Princess Highway

A colourful Bluetooth speaker is an ideal gift for the techie mum. It is practical, portable, and perfect for parties indoors and outdoors.

Bluetooth speaker

We found this at Big W

Mums will love a simple key ring that celebrates motherhood. We like personalising our key rings with the recipient’s name or a sweet quote.

Keyring | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Sister and Soul

Make sure Mum’s eyes are well-protected with style. These edgy sunglasses have a unique and fresh design that is perfect for mums of all ages.

Edgy cat sunglasses

We found this at Princess Highway

An exercise machine is a must for mums who barely has time to get her 10,000 steps in. With this leg exerciser, she can stay active even while working on her computer, prepping in the kitchen, or tutoring the kids. It’s even small enough to fit under her office table.

Exercise machine | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Global Shop Direct

For the hostess with the mostest, a classy cocktail shaker is a chic addition to any bar. Now, Mum can impress guests with her mixing skills.

Cocktail shaker

We found this at Gifts Australia

This maxi dress is perfect for when mum needs to dress up. The floral pattern is a feast for the eyes.

Maxi dress | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Milanoo

A teeth-whitening kit for Mother’s Day? Brilliant! There’s no need to leave the house and visit the dentist to get those pearly whites.

Teeth whitening kit

We found this at Bondi Smile

A pretty gratitude journal makes it easy to be thankful every day. Mums can fill it with inspirational quotes, daily thoughts, drawings and more.

A journal | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Booktopia

Practical gift ideas for mums are always a great idea. Give her a set of hair care products designed to restore moisture and strength to damaged hair.

Hair product

We found this at OZ Hair and Beauty

Get a golden glow year-round without the risk of sun damage. Tanning cream hydrates and nourishes the skin while giving you the perfect glow.

Tanning cream | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Ella Bache

Upgrade her scented candle game with this massage candle. Perfect for intimate moments with a partner or a new Ilo sex toy.

Massage candle

We found this at My Ilo

Mums are super busy. Help by giving them a grocery box filled with fresh ingredients and recipes. Maybe they’ll thank you with a delicious meal? Choose the right one for your mMumhere: Meal delivery services in Australia (with discounts).

Grocery box | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Everyplate

Sometimes, Mums just need to sit down and drink a glass of wine. Or a bottle. Or a dozen bottles. Make sure you’re giving her the best selection to make every day feel like Mother’s Day.


We found this at Wine Selectors

Mug cakes are perfect for people who don’t have the time and energy to whip up a big cake. We suggest this book, which has over 30 yummy recipes to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Cookbook | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Booktopia

Here’s a great gift for mums with a million photographs … a photo and memory book. Get something personalised to make your Mother’s Day gift extra special.

Photo or memory book

We found this at Photobook Australia

Make sure mum’s dental health game is spot-on everywhere she goes with an on-the-go hygiene kit. We love those that come with tooth tabs instead of toothpaste. They’re better for the planet and a lot less messy, too.

Travel dental kit | Mothers Day 2024

We found this at Byte

Since she’s already enjoying her bottle (or case) of wine, why not level up her game with this classic decanter? Mum will definitely appreciate the better flavour and aroma of her wine from now on.

Wine decanter

We found this at Wine Selectors

Last on our list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day: a luxurious faux fur throw for winter. Get one with a thick pile for cosy and stylish warmth.

Fur throw | Mothers Day 2024

Available at: Pillow Talk

Summary: 75+ gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2024

No present, not even the most expensive ones, can amount to the sacrifices our mothers made for us. But no matter which one you choose from our gift ideas above, we know she will treasure it in her heart forever.

Well done if you have been a dutiful offspring and have consistently given your Mother’s Day gifts! But you might be out of fresh ideas. Don’t worry; our unique picks will not disappoint. If you are a prodigal child who wants to make up for all the lost years, it is more appropriate to give your mother one of our more premium suggestions (you better!).

Aside from the present you will be giving her this Mother’s Day, do not forget to remind your Mum Mum much you love her and how grateful you are. But remember, make her feel special and express your gratitude every single day, not just on this special day.

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