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By Louise Kinross

Happy spring! Here’s the latest issue of BLOOM.

To draw you into the content, here are some quotes:

From the parent of a child with an acquired brain injury: “We need to recognize that there is no cure for this trauma…My therapist reminded me that this isn’t something that’s going to disappear because I’m ‘doing all the right things.’ Some days I’m going to have waves of emotion, and waves change. If the tide is out, some waves are really small. Some waves are tidal waves. But they always go back out into the ocean. So it’s learning to ride the waves versus trying to eradicate them.” (See Trailblazer)

From an American general internist who studies how to reduce health disparities: “”While there is evidence to support potential mechanisms by which Black physicians working within the health-care system can improve health outcomes for Black patients (e.g. increased shared decision-making and patient-centred care, culturally concordant care, increased quality of care), there is also evidence that Black physicians are more likely than physicians from other racial or ethnic groups to engage in health-related work outside the health-care system.” (See Research Hits)

From a young adult and contributor to Becoming You: “Navigating adolescence while having disabilities is difficult as it is. On top of that, I was questioning my sexuality and I didn’t have anything I could turn to, literature-wise, to help me find out who I was.” (See Growing up)

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