Every Woman in Her 40’s Should Read This

Cover of Hot and Bothered by Jancee Dunn

by Jancee Dunn

Reviewed by ACG Staff

Everyone else has reviewed this book so perhaps no one needs my review, but, then again, I almost missed it so let’s get this out there. This book is really helpful. Despite having “Menopause” on the cover, I would say it is more about “Perimenopause.” The part of this book that really hit me the hardest was stories of women searching for answers. Women everywhere are going from doctor to doctor afraid they have cancer or some rare disease and not getting any answers. Spoiler, they have perimenopause.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Tell Us This? (Outside of the half a dozen new books out about it right now–it’s a hot topic)

I always thought menopause was something that started in your 50’s. You have a lot of hot flashes, your hormones go bananas, and then your stop having your period, right? Well, despite what my unreliable mother told me, this isn’t quite the case for most people. Apparently it starts with perimenopause in your 40’s and all sorts of things can go bananas, for YEARS.

Jancee Dunn breaks it all down for us but also goes one better. She gives us some really useful advice. I had to bookmark numerous pages to come back to later. She tells us about the different drug options, how to find a specialist, and how to evaluate the multiple options for just getting through the day with these symptoms.

She even makes it readable by adding lots of humor and some over-the-top quote from a lot of famous ladies who have been there.

While my mother may have failed to notice any changes in her 40’s, or maybe she has just forgotten, women in their 40’s now are much more aware of how they should feel and empowered to try to feel that way. We are starting to demand help and some of us are getting it. I hope that applies to women everywhere in the US, but I’m afraid it may not. In places where embryos have more rights than women, we can only hope that some women find doctors that will help them.

Speaking of Backwards Ideas…

Hot and Bothered has some horrifying stories about menopause being used as a defense against women suing for injuries due to company negligence. Apparently if you were anywhere around menopause age nothing could happen to you that wasn’t somehow going to happen to you anyway because your body was such a hot mess. We can hope that all that is behind us and not coming back as they take away our rights to our bodies across the country now.

This is one of those books that we all need to read as demonstrated by my large number of bookmarks!

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