Five Million Downloads and Streams

I started making the Juicebox Podcast 2,580 days ago

That means that it took seven years to amass five million downloads/streams. In that time I have spoken to countless people who live with, or love someone who has diabetes. I have learned from all of you. I know about your fears, how you love, accept, defy, triumph and persevere. I’ve heard stories about mental illness, second chances, regret and euphoria. Your stories add to my understanding of diabetes and the human experience.

I’ve come to think of the collective podcast as art in some ways. All I can do is create in the form that it makes sense to me. After I share with you, the course that my words find in the world is largely out of my hands. Growth like this requires that someone else, besides me, cares enough about the show to keep it alive in the consciousness of others.

Thank you for listening, for sharing and for caring for my art after it leaves my control. Your support made this happen and it is the reason why I am predicting three million new downloads/streams in 2022. We are going to get to eight million a whole hell of a lot faster than we got to five.

This celebration is as much yours as it is mine. Please help me celebrate today by sharing your remembrances and feelings.

Thank you,


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