How single mothers cope with pressures and stigmatisation



These pressures on single mothers can have bad consequences for them. These consequences can be reflected in different ways in the mother’s life and cause drastic changes for the worse. Dealing with these pressures may seem difficult at first, but with time and the right technique, everything can be solved. 

As a result of these pressures on single mothers, their mental and emotional health may deteriorate. These psychological pressures can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, which can be reflected in the mother’s life in many different ways. As a result, the mother may want to isolate herself from society, or society may ostracise her before she can do so.

The result of these actions can again lead to serious problems, including anxiety. Such problems can negatively affect the mother’s relationship with her child and cause her to see herself as a worthless individual. Therefore, although stigmatisation against single mothers may not seem important, it can have lasting effects on the individual and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Distract Yourself

Faced with these pressures, one of the first methods that mothers resort to is distraction. For this, mothers can take up a new hobby or break some of their habits. Some may be interested in crafts, ceramics, or painting, while others may find activities on the internet to distract them. These activities can include online gambling. Gambling is a great leisure activity and a good distraction. But where one gambles is important. The Internet is a very big place, and the risk of being scammed is very high. For this, moms can browse pokies casinos and find reliable online casinos where they can play online slots.

Accept Yourself

If an individual stands behind her own decisions and has self-confidence, people’s pressures will make breaking her down more difficult. This is true because one of the factors that is affected by these pressures is the individual’s self-esteem. Work can be done to restore this, and the mother can cope with society by becoming more self-confident.

Be in Contact With Supportive People

When you have been struggling with loneliness and these pressures for a while, you can forget how important it is to have supportive people. If an individual can talk to someone who is in a similar situation to them, it can make them feel that they are not alone. This kind of support helps the mother get emotional and practical support. Supportive people can vary for everyone, but they can be family members, close friends, or support groups for people who don’t have these. Another benefit of support groups is that the individual will not feel alone. The presence of people with similar problems to one’s own will be a great relief for the mother, who has felt lonely enough.

Raise Awareness

The reason for pressure from society may not always be what we think it is. Because society does not know any better and is not educated, people will continue doing what they always do. In such cases, you can help people change their attitudes towards single mothers by raising awareness.

Strategies for Dealing with Negative Thoughts

When these pressures become unmanageable, the individual needs to feel good. There are different methods for this. Mental resilience techniques can be very helpful for mothers in this regard and can help them get through difficult times more easily.

Have Boundaries

Anything that happens is, of course, not the mother’s fault. But the mother can draw a boundary between herself and others in order to protect her well-being and that of her children. In this way, she protects her own mental health and the development of her children.

Get Professional Help

This may be the most classic advice in the book (and the most obvious!). But getting professional support will definitely help the mother to feel better. Sometimes some people are sceptical about psychological support and think that it won’t work. But when things are getting out of hand, it makes the most sense to seek the opinion of an expert and let them help you. After all, there is nothing to lose!

Forgive Yourself

Well, maybe this is the hardest part.

Although it seems easy to do, it is the point that people find the most difficult. Mothers may blame themselves for past mistakes and start to nurture these bad feelings. Or they may succumb to this negativity as a result of pressure and think that they are to blame. In such cases, self-forgiveness can be one of the biggest helpers. Because if the individual does not forgive themself, the other steps will have no meaning. At the same time, forgiving oneself will help one look at things more clearly and with a clearer head.

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