How to build your health with Chinese herbs and medicines

Every mum at some time has been guilty of reaching for a coffee, chocolate bar or sugary ‘energy’ drink just to get through the day.

“And while occasionally this might not be a problem, there are healthy alternatives to sugary drinks and foods that are more natural and nutritional” says Nicole Chien, leading nutritionist, and the woman behind bringing Taiwanese mega brand Taste for Life to Australia.

Taste for Life offers postpartum meals and nutritional natural health products based on Chinese herbs and TCM.

“One option is Taste for Life’s famous Fucoidan Ginseng drink which helps build health and stamina with Chinese herbs,” says Nicole.

Especially created to fight fatigue, enhance energy levels, concentration, immunity and strength, it has proved transformative for many, changing the way they feel and operate. “As any Mum knows being a mum can be exhausting and that goes double when you are a single mum, so any help with those things is always welcome, I know” says Nicole.

Taste for Life’s famous Fucoidan Ginseng drink is made using the best herbal ingredients. These include American Ginseng and concentrated Fucoidan and Fammulina. Ginseng is a well-known herb used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s valued for its ability to improve some illnesses, like diabetes, fatigue, anorexia, palpitations, shortness of breath and insomnia. Ginseng can also help alleviate digestive conditions, improve mental activity and enhance longevity. It’s also recommended for people with low Qi and coldness.

Taste for Life’s famous Fucoidan Ginseng drink is additive free and uses an exclusive patented extraction technology to get all the goodness out of these natural Chinese herbs. “The drink can be drunk on its own, added to smoothies, health drinks and sodas. For those with a sweet-tooth it works well in tea with a dash of honey” says Nicole.

“This drink is very easy for the body to access so it works fast, helping to restore natural balance and bodily function. It can be taken long-term and helps strengthen and sustain the body. Even for those mums who are healthy eaters and exercise regularly, they will feel the benefits fast,” notes Nicole.

But Taste for Life’s Health products don’t stop at their Ginseng Drink. There is a health and wellness soup that increases metabolism, builds collagen, improves Qi and energy and helps build bones and joints. “This really helps the runners and athletic mums out there as well as mums who like to generally keep fit,” says Nicole. “Pregnancy can strip the mother of a lot of calcium and other nutrients and this deficiency can go on for years, so it is important for mums to eat to restore these deficits”.

Drink to your Health!

Ginseng drink

“But it’s not only our Fucoidan Ginseng drink that will help restore the body”, says Nicole. There are other TFL health drinks that mums everywhere can enjoy including a delicious Snow Fungus Drink which contains collagen, dietary fibre and minerals to aid general health, and also to reduce the body’s absorption of sugar.

Snow fungus has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine as a potent Jing and Qi tonic. It is believed to tonify the lungs, kidneys, heart, brain, stomach, and acts as a powerful tonic for the immune system. Additionally, it helps to restore physical strength and give people a more youthful look which is why it’s always popular with beauty editors and influencers!

TFL has also created a special Herbal Care Drink which contains seven nutritious Chinese herbal ingredients to build sustenance and an Imperial Jujube Tea which is ready to drink – very convenient for busy mums. Imperial Jujube Tea has multi benefits.

“Any Chinese TCM practitioner and nutritionist will tell you about Jujube’s health benefits to the body. Jujube contains many minerals, such as magnesium, copper, manganese as well as potassium which improve osteoporosis and overall bone health. The vitamin C and the unsaturated fatty acids present in jujube fruit also have an anti-aging effect. It tastes delicious (with a hint of marshmallow) and is antioxidant-rich,” says Nicole.

Two compounds that are found in jujube, called flavonoids and saponins, have also been shown in studies to increase sleep. Jujube fruit also helps to control spikes in blood sugar and reduce glycosylated haemoglobin in those with type 2 diabetes, which often marks poor blood sugar regulation. Alone Jujube is not a cure-all for high-blood sugar, but it is helpful in helping to regulate it.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for all mums who still struggle with ‘baby brain’ postpartum, is that the fruit in the tea has been shown to improve learning capacity and could even support brain growth. Taste for Life’s Imperial Jujube Tea really is a bonus for Mums looking to regain their health and energy and balance in life.

Final words: Building your health with Chinese herbs and medicines

“In Asian culture the Mum is given as much emotional and practical support as their babies and children which has better outcomes for all physically and mentally. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this support team to mums in Australia whatever background they come from. A growing number of non-Asian mums and Australian-born Asians are discovering for themselves the benefits of our products, our support and our way of thinking,” she said. For more information:

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