How to choose the right removalist for your home move

A home move can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience.

Amidst the flurry of packing boxes, coordinating logistics, and saying goodbye to the familiar, one crucial aspect stands out—the selection of a reliable removalist.

We are here to tell you that not all removalists are equal. Therefore taking the time to do your research could make the difference between a calm, controlled home move and a total calamity (it does happen!).

Keep reading so your worldly belonging are handled and moved with the caring expertise they deserve, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the move, like meeting the neighbours and connecting to the internet.

Do an online search 

The best way to find and compare moving services, such as Sydney removalists, is online.

It is fine to check out the ones that show as paid adverts at the top of the search page but pay more attention to those that rank organically, as these are the larger, better-established companies. 

From each removalist’s website, you can view a full range of services, prices, contact details, and hopefully customer reviews.

Licensing and insurance

We assume removalists will have all the licensing and insurance coverage necessary for a home move, but it is always worth checking. It is your worldly belongings we are talking about here. If something goes wrong, you need to be covered.

Removalist companies generally need a business license to operate legally. The specific requirements may vary depending on the state or territory in which the company operates. Check with the local government or relevant authorities to determine the particular licensing requirements in your area.

They should have Public Liability insurance which protects against third-party claims for property damage or personal injury that may occur during the moving process. 

And lastly, check for Transit Insurance to cover the loss or damage to goods transported during the move. This insurance protects against theft, fire, or accidents that may occur while the belongings are in transit.

What services do they provide

Think of exactly what assistance you need during your home move. 

You might be happy to pack and unpack everything yourself and need a service to move your belongings from A to B. 

Alternatively, many removalists will wrap, pack, move and unpack everything for you. 

Some offer specialised services for transporting items such as antiques and pianos, while others can assist with downsizing your home and international moves. 

Do your quote homework

Like any service or product you consider purchasing, do your homework and get at least three quotes.

Each quote should outline the exact nature of the service, the time it will take, additional extras, taxes, insurance costs and anything else you have discussed pre-quote. 

Beware of overly low or high quotes and always opt for a reasonable and transparent pricing structure.

Get an in-home assessment

A reputable removalist firm will always send a staff member to your property to gauge the work involved in the home move before they quote or commit to a job. If they don’t, steer clear and find another removalist. 

Not only are they taking the job seriously and quoting accurately, but it is an excellent opportunity for you to get a feel for the company, their professionalism and their work ethics.

Make sure you prepare any questions to ask in person during this visit. 

Experience and track record

With services such as AirTasker making everyone a professional, checking for experience is high on the list of priorities in a home move. 

How long has the business been established and do they have a good track record of residential moves? Or have you come across a man and his van hoping to make some extra cash?

A removalist with extensive experience is likelier to have encountered various moving scenarios and can handle unexpected challenges efficiently and efficiently.

Check customer reviews

Nothing can help you determine the quality of a service like customer reviews.

Ensure the reviews are independent i.e. through a website like Trust Pilot, and not the removalist’s choice-pickings of good reviews to share on their website. Also, make sure they are recent and they sound authentic. It is all too common for business owners to ask friends and family to write positive reviews. Hopefully, in this internet-savvy world, potential customers can see a fake review as a red flag to look elsewhere for the service.

Good communication

When moving day arrives, you will want everything to run as smoothly as possible. For this to happen, communication needs to be clear prior to the move and on the day of the move. 

Choose a removalist firm that is happy to answer all your questions clearly and promptly by phone and email. 

You need a paper trail (i.e. emails) of the agreements you have made so there is total clarity throughout the process.

The right moving equipment and workforce

With the prior-mentioned man and his van, it is wonderful to have a cheaper moving option available but check they have the correct equipment for a safe home move to ensure no harm comes to your worldly possessions. 

This means more than having a decent-sized truck. 

They will need enough manpower to move heavy items without damage. Packaging materials, furniture straps and tie-downs should be a standard feature for protection during transit. As well as ramps, lifts and trolleys for a smooth transition between property and truck, and out again. 

The right equipment and staff are usually a given for a large, well-established removalist firm but definitely worth paying attention to if your chosen service seems a little amateur. 

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