Our Interview with Curious Jane

You know we love our local camps and Curious Jane Camp is one of the most original. Yes, this interview is sponsored, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn all about their awesome girls camp just like our audience. Shelly interviewed Samantha Razook, founder and CEO of Curious Jane, to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge about their exciting camp.


Tell me about your different weekly camp themes and how they were selected?

At Curious Jane Camp, campers sign-up for their favorite theme each week. All of our themes revolve around science + engineering + design. Each year, we include classic CJ faves plus totally new options. We like to mix it up! Some campers favorites include Kitchen Chemistry (a top choice this summer), Spy Science, Room Makeover, Spa Science, and Miniature World.

We also include new or specialty themes that we at CJ-HQ are pretty jazzed about and excited to try out. This year, that is the Poster Project (personal print-making) and Fab Lab (projects inspired by female designers). And of course, there are other faves that rotate in and out — like Magic & Mystery or Light it Up.

In general, we aim for two things (1) a wide mix that represents our CJ personality and core tenants and (2) a fun selection of old faves and new options that campers are excited about.

I see from the daily schedule that you have some all-camp collaborative activities. What are some of those?

Yes! The COLLAB! This is a chance for the campers across the different classes to do something fun and *camp*-like together. Sometimes it’s a theme week – like Carnival Week – and each afternoon campers work in small groups on their carnival booths, then on Friday … it’s Carnival Day! Other times the collaborative activity is different from day to day, designed by our counselors, and representing the involved campers’ interests and personalities.

What is the most important lesson you hope campers learn during their time at your camp?

That making things is fun! Thinking with your hands, removing fear of failure, experimenting, prototyping, and problem-solving. And yes, you can do this with colorful, accessible materials and use everyday objects in new ways.

What do you think are the key components of a successful summer camp experience?

Personal connections and a sense of community. Whatever the activity is, whatever the setting and type of program – if you go to camp, and you connect with the activity, the staff or other campers, yourself! Then this is a success.

Thank you Samantha. This sounds great for the kids. Now we have to cross our fingers for an adult option!

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