Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Tips for Making Travel While Pregnant Easier

When you’re expecting a little bundle, carrying a big bundle of stuff onto an airplane is never a good idea. Neither is drinking too much water when you’re about to board the plane because no matter how fast that line moves, you’re going to need to pee. AGAIN. But don’t despair. There are things you can do to lessen the load, pardon the pun, of traveling while pregnant.

  1. Book an aisle seat

Once on the plane, you’re likely going to have to run to the lavatory several times, even on a short flight. Make it easier on yourself by booking the aisle. You’ll be glad you did when you get up for the 10th time in 2 hours, and so will those in your row.

  1. Reduce bulk in your baggage

With checked items, you’ll likely find some assistance. But when you’re bringing carry-on items, there might be no one to help you carry it on the plane. Make sure what you bring as carry-on luggage is easy to carry both in weight and size so that it’s not cumbersome. That means you might have to leave your giant body pillow at home. Airplanes all have pillows on board though so when you arrive at the gate, let them know you’d like one.

  1. Board early

Airlines are always happy to accommodate passengers with special needs including the elderly, families with small children, those with injuries or disabilities, and pregnant women. When you arrive at the gate, make sure you board with those passengers.

  1. Pack compression socks

It’s hard to feel sexy in these, but hey, you need to be more focused on your comfort right now. There will be plenty of time for fabulousness after you have the baby. Circulation is very important, particularly during pregnancy. Compression socks or even support hose will help your blood flow and relieve the many discomforts of pregnancy, which can be exacerbated with air travel.

  1. Stay hydrated and well-fueled

Look, getting up to pee this often is definitely annoying, but you need to stay hydrated. Air travel is particularly dehydrating so sip on water and endure those frequent trips to the bathroom because it’s better than the alternative. Additionally, bring snacks to help keep you from tail-spinning into dizziness. Even if your flight provides food, you should always have something munchable. You never know when there will be a delay so it will come in handy!

  1. Be prepared

Before traveling, make sure you check in with your doctor. In most cases, air travel for pregnant women is fine before 36 weeks. No matter how healthy your pregnancy is though, pack all your documents just in case. And if you’re traveling abroad, make sure you look into what your options are so if you need medical attention, you can get the help you need. While being pregnant is a challenge on any day, when traveling it can be more of one. The key is to be ready for anything, flexible, and have a plan which will make it less stressful and ultimately more enjoyable.

When you get there: Make sure to relax in your hotel room. Try not to work or stay up too late watching bad TV. It is so tempting when away from home, but you will regret it the next day!

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