30 Cool stocking fillers for little boys 2023

Stocking stuffers little boys

Here we are talking about stocking fillers for little boys.

So, the first question we ask ourselves is: What are little boys into?

Well, pretty much anything!

That’s why we’ve had heaps of fun hunting down brilliant gifts to delight your little boy on Christmas morning.

When choosing stocking fillers, you won’t want to spend too much money on each gift so there is a danger of buying heaps of little things which will be quickly discarded by your little boy. To avoid this, which is not only a waste of money but also not very environmentally friendly, think about getting less presents which are better quality and will get more use. Try and incorporate some of the bigger gifts for your little boy into his stocking.

Little boys love “doing” gifts, whether it’s craft, slime or a magnifying glass to carefully examine the insects in the garden! This is a great opportunity to inspire them with a new hobby which could stick and give them hours of fun in the future.

Of course most little boys also love anything that will make them laugh and toilet human is a must. We love the “Grow A Poo” set and the whoopie cushion stands the test of time and is perfect for pranking on Christmas day and throughout the holidays.

So, whether your little lad likes a giggle, a game, or something to fire his brilliant imagination, you’ll find it on our list of stocking fillers for little boys.

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Stocking ideas for little boys

1. Monster slime kit

Kids can now make their own gross and gooey slime with this monster slime kit that has everything, including an ooze base and an ooze reactor.

Monster slime kit | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Ebay

2. Oversized hoodie

This oversized hoodie is too cool for school. It’s available in space creatures and dino prints.

Oversized hoodie

We found this at: Best & Less

3. Dino key ring

Dress up your kid’s backpack or wallet with a fun and ferocious dino key ring. The googly eyes are just perfect.

Dino key ring | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: City Beach

4. Dino Snap playing cards

Card players rejoice. These fun dino slap playing cards are essential for long drives or indoor entertainment when it’s raining.

Dino Snap playing cards

We found these at: Amazon

5. Classic Whoopee cushion

Next on our list of stocking stuffers for little boys: Your kids will have a blast pranking their friends (and family) with this classic gag toy: the whoopee cushion.

Classic Whoopee cushion | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: City Beach

6. Mess-free magic painting

This paint kit is magic: reveal hidden scenes with a paintbrush over and over again. A parent-approved activity that’s completely mess-free.

Mess-free magic painting

We found this at: Gifts Australia

7. Paint your own piggy bank

Kids can easily design their own piggy bank with this non-toxic paint kit. It’s a fun way to teach your little one how to save.

Paint your own piggy bank | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Office Works

8. Christmas jigsaw puzzle

Make your child’s Christmas extra special with a fun and festive jigsaw puzzle. Perfect for keeping them occupied while you’re busy!

Christmas jigsaw puzzle

We found this at: Booktopia

9. LED hover ball

This glowing hover ball is all the rage. Perfect for indoor and outdoor shenanigans whether day or night.

LED hover ball | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: City Beach

10. Personalised door sign

Spice up your kid’s room with a personalised door sign. You can choose from many designs, including cars, planes and dinosaurs.

We found this at: Bright Star Kids

11. Invisible ink spy pens

When your boys are bored at home, these invisible ink spy pens will give them something fun to do. A must-have for future master spies.

Invisible ink spy pens | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Yellow Octopus

12. Grow a poo

Little boys will get a chuckle out of this grow a poo kit from Ebay. Just add water and watch everyone’s favourite message icon grow six times in size.

Grow a poo

We found this at: Yellow Octopus

13. Portable 10x magnifier

Little secret agents need a quality magnifying glass for finding clues. This one is just the right size. In fact, when it comes to stocking fillers for little boys, it’s perfect.

Portable 10x magnifier | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Light in the Box

14. Bath crayons

Bath time is always fun time with these bath crayons. Perfect for drawing and doodling on tubs and tiles.

Bath crayons

We found this at: Lime Tree Kids

15. Jellyfish kite

This stocking filler will get your kids out of the house for fresh air and endless kite flying fun. The pirate design is super cool.

Jellyfish kite | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Lime Tree Kids

16. Binoculars

All budding bird (or people) watchers need binoculars. This one is kid-sized fits and fits right in your pocket.


We found this at:  Temple & Webster

17. Animal finger puppets

Younger kids will love these animal finger puppets for indoor or bathroom fun. Boosts sensory development and encourages imaginative play.

Animal finger puppets | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: My Deal

18. Bubbles blaster

This fun bubbles blaster is a guaranteed hit with kids. It blows an instant mini hurricane of bubbles with a flick of a finger.

Bubbles blaster

We found this at: Big W

19. Bucket hat

Sun protection never looked so adorably ferocious. Your kid will love wearing this dino bucket hat to the beach.

Bucket hat | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Big W

20. Skull slime

Boys love slime and this one comes in a rainbow-coloured skull design. It’s perfectly fluffy and gooey but not sticky!

Skull slime

We found this at: Creative Kids Wonderland

Stocking fillers for little boys (cont.)

21. Under the sea pyjama set

For boys who love sea creatures, this pyjama set is great for bedtime. This cute pair is made of cotton and knit fabric so it’s very comfy to wear.

Under the sea pyjama set | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Big W

22. Swim goggles

Goofy foot goggles are always better than plain, boring goggles. These ones are extra bright and colourful, with fun printed designs on the fabric strap.

Swim goggles

We found this at: Big W

23. Fidget popper

Kids can’t sit still? Give them these colourful fidget poppers and let them pop away. Available in two cute designs.

Fidget popper | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Big W

24. Dinosaur slap band

Dino-obsessed little boys will love this slap band featuring a ferocious T-rex. Slap it on the wrist or on backpack straps. A brilliant gift when it comes to stocking stuffers for little boys.

Dinosaur slap band

We found this at: Lime Tree Kids

25. Basketball pool game

Shoot some hoops in the pool with this fun inflatable toy. Perfect for games and birthday parties.

Basketball pool game | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Catch

26. Dinosaur umbrella

Nothing’s cooler than a dinosaur umbrella when it’s pouring outside. The fun dino print is guaranteed to brighten his dreariest days.

Dinosaur umbrella

We found this at: Kmart

27. Batman gift pack

Does your little boy love superheroes? This Batman gift pack is a great way to introduce the fandom. Comes with wristbands, stickers and keyrings.

Batman gift pack | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Big W

28. Dog socks

If your little boy is a pup lover, this paw-some pair of dog socks will make his day. It comes in colourful graphics and adorably fluffy ears.

Dog socks

We found this at: Madmia

29. UNO card game

Now kids can play the classic matching card game that everyone loves. Multiple levels for different ages!

UNO card game | stocking fillers little boys

We found this at: Big W

30. Pin art

Looking for a way to keep your boy busy? This rainbow pin art will do the trick! A perfect stocking filler for little boys.

Pin art

We found this at: Fun Fidgets

Final thoughts on stocking filler for little boys

When it comes to stocking presents for little boys, the possibilities are as endless as their imagination.

From slime kits to slap bands, and from magnifying glasses to grow-your-own-poo kits (yes, you read that right), there’s something to spark every little boy’s curiosity and creativity.

So, don’t be afraid to mix a little laughter with learning, a dash of goofiness with a touch of curiosity. After all, the joy on their faces when they find these treasures in their stockings on Christmas morning is priceless.

Happy stocking stuffing, and may your little boy’s Christmas be filled with giggles, games, and endless adventures!

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