Interview with One of Brooklyn’s Most Unique Camps: Camp Maritime (Sponsored)

This is no other camp like Camp Maritime. Even though we are on the coast, Brooklynites don’t usually think of ourselves as being so close to beaches or as having easy access to water sports. Which is what makes Camp Maritime so great. It is different from anything our kids typically experience during the year or through their schools. We interviewed Camp Director Elliot Groman to learn more.

What makes your camp unique?

At Camp Maritime, we are a family of water enthusiasts who share a deep passion for the sea. Our water sports program is thoughtfully designed for local waters and emphasizes experiential learning to develop essential life skills. We provide a safe environment so kids can learn and enjoy a variety of water sports, and our experienced instructors prioritize safety above all else. We are the only Camp that has this type of curriculum, including:

flyboarding        |    surfing
kayaking             |   skim boarding
fishing                 |   windsurfing
kite boarding     |  wing boarding
boating                |  tubing
boogie boarding
stand up paddling

Your camp has a lot of adventurous water sports, what if my kid is not a very strong swimmer?

There are very few strong swimmers. Most of the kids we see can barely swim, that’s why kids wear life jackets at all times. We have our own lifeguards and aquatic director who are in the water with our campers most of the time, training and encouraging them.
We only hire passionate professionals who love water and understand how to work with kids.

What is the most important lesson you hope campers learn during their time at your camp?

There are many lessons in camp and in life. We hope to instill confidence in anything you do, the patience to keep trying, and the ability to complete tasks while putting in your best efforts. We want kids to know how to be a safe boater and water sports enthusiast.

What happens if it rains on a camp day?

If it rains during an activity and there is no lightning or thunder, we continue. If there is lightning or thunder, we stop all activities, go inside, and wait it out. If the rain continues, we will call a rainout, cancel the camp day, and do a make-up day on a Sunday.

We always use radar and and various meteorological reports to gauge the weather, and we’ve been pretty accurate. Last year we only had one rainout day.

Do you go on field trips? If so, is there a bus? Are there different drop-off locations?

We go to different NYC waterways for different water sports activities and those are our field trips. We travel every day by bus or camp van.  We are never indoors.

Do all kids have to do all activities?

We are a water sports camp, and our goal is to expose kids to all types of water sports. Most kids don’t know what they will like until they have a chance to try it. We like to encourage kids to try everything at least once unless they are allergic or opposed for some other reason, such as an opposition to fishing in particular. Fishing is a very popular activity at the camp.


Sponsored by Camp Maritime.

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