Single mum income in Australia: These are the sought after jobs

Jobs for mums

Taking care of a family could be a daunting responsibility, and this could double when you play this role without anyone’s help. With kids involved, fending for a family will entail attending to the overall well-being of the kids — the psychological, emotional, and financial aspects of their lives. Despite these challenges, single moms exhibit remarkable resilience and determination and provide a nurturing environment for their children while managing their finances responsibly. 

Your job choice may be influenced by your need to increase your income, take a break from house chores and errands, and form healthy distractions. This would mean taking on part-time jobs that allow you to interact with other people outside the confines of your home. 

You may also be more interested in staying home to raise your kids and tend to your needs while working to increase your income, resulting in taking on an online job that can allow you to have these privileges. 

Whatever your reasons are, we pulled out a list of jobs you could consider as a single mom in Australia.

Australian Employment Market has Plenty of Part-time Job Options

Working physically on a job allows you some escape from a sedentary lifestyle, and the jobs listed here are always in popular demand.

1. Babysitter

Attending as a childcare provider is such a rewarding role. This job may include preparing a child for school, taking care of the kids while their parents are away during the day or in the evening, after school, or all-night care. These can be done together or separately. Your status as a single mom grants you the needed skills to excel in this role, as you already know how to care for a child. Babysitting hours can be flexible and adjusted according to your schedule, which is an added benefit. The only question is whether this is something you could do both in a professional and private capacity.

2. School teacher

To qualify to work as an educator, you need to have a Bachelor of Education or a 3-year bachelor’s degree followed by a one-year PGDE/PGCE. You can also work as an early childhood instructor, a primary school, or a secondary school teacher. As a single mom, this job allows you to relate with other kids and their parents in a professional setting, but it will require a specific educational background.

The national average salary is $64,699 to 122,077 per year.

Primary duties: As a schoolteacher, you will perform these duties:

  • Following the curriculum, prepare teaching plans.
  • For early childhood educators and primary school teachers you may be required to educate children on a wide variety of topics.
  • You may need to specialise in one or two subject areas for secondary school teachers.
  • Grooming children’s overall health
  • Setting, conducting, and evaluating tests and exams

3. Sales Representative

This could be a great way to earn while establishing helpful networks with all social classes. As a single mom, this could be a great way to gain financial freedom while enjoying flexible working conditions to afford you time for your kids and everything you love doing.

National average salary: $62,500 – $110,000 per annum

Primary duties: Your roles as a sales representative will include:

  • Spotting prospective customers and creating brand awareness
  • Selling products and services to customers
  • Negotiating and determining price schedules 

Online Jobs for Ease of Day-to-Day Living

There are thousands of remote jobs that single moms can take on. You can do these jobs from the comfort of your home with internet connectivity and a supporting device.

1. Blogger

Either as residual or active income, this is an excellent way for you to earn as a mom while writing about what you know! With only a few hours daily, you can earn significantly by running your blog. You can share your personal experiences as a single mom or manage blogs for someone. 

National average salary: $72,700 per annum

Primary duties: Your duties as a blogger will include:

  • Creating, editing, publishing, and promoting content on blog pages
  • Manage the blog— on-site and off-site 
  • Maximising organic traffic to the site
  • Posting and proofreading content before publishing

2. Social media manager

As a social media manager, you create, analyze, and promote content about your brand or business. Just like any job, your salary will mostly depend on your experience. However, gaining experience in this field isn’t so much of a problem. 

National average salary: $81,316 per annum

Primary duties: Your duties as a social media manager would include:

  • Creating marketing campaigns and strategies 
  • Managing social media platforms 
  • Advertising and marketing via social media 
  • Promoting the brand’s products or services

3. Online Casino Industry

The virtual gaming industry is gaining popularity and providing flexible and rewarding job opportunities to the market. In recent times, the industry does not only offer you rewards when you play games but allows you to work and get paid. Even better, these jobs don’t have stringent working conditions.

Whether you’re working as a graphics designer, customer support, casino streamer, or even an affiliate marketer, the online casino industry is steadily looking for resilient women like you. A study by The International Journal of Management and Commerce Innovation reveals that women have better work ethics and are better organised to handle tasks so you can reach out for such positions.

As with any industry, payments are relative to job roles, so the national average salary can differ significantly. To better understand where you could fit your skills and what you could get for them, you can check out some online casino jobs in Australia and their rates

As for the primary duties, the best thing to do is to check out some of the most common openings available in this industry to see what kind of tasks you could deal with (pun intended) daily. Whether you’ll be working as a live card dealer on websites like or leading their customer service team, the roles and responsibilities can differ significantly, and so can the salary.

How do Part-time Jobs Stack Versus Online Jobs for Single Mums?

As a single mom, you face unique challenges. You are, in simple terms, living your life for your kids. Without the help of a partner, you need to readily attend to your children’s needs and maintain a healthy attitude to life.

This is why online jobs have much greater appeal for some, as they offer flexibility in time management, which is crucial when raising your younglings. Having an “off-location” job with a baby or toddler on hand is virtually impossible without any partner assistance, which is why this type of employment is the best choice for mums in such situations. With kids growing up, this can change as they become more independent, but if you’re satisfied with all aspects of your job, you just stick with what works.

But, for some single mums out there, aside from earning well enough to provide for their kids, they’ll also love constantly interacting with others. This is where, so to speak, real part-time jobs can provide you with opportunities to create lifelong connections or even new partnerships which will make your kid’s lives and growing up more stable.

Whatever your choices, the virtual and physical work environment steadily rewards people like yourself who have goals and are determined to see them through.

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