What casino games do single mums play the most?

single mums play

Whilst we appreciate that the life of a single mum certainly isn’t easy… and there may not be much time to spend playing games on a daily basis. However, single mums deserve a bit of a break every now and then … and when they get it, why not spend some of that time playing a casino game … and giving themselves the chance to win a bit of extra cash.

If you are looking to give it a whirl, then here are the most popular casino games single mums play in 2023.

Blackjack Online

Playing Single Deck Blackjack is a great way to unwind and alleviate anxiety – and most decent casinos for players in 2023 will have numerous variations of the game. This classic casino game is enjoyed across the globe and the Single Deck version is great because it offers even better chances of winning real money.

In Single Deck Blackjack, the objective remains the same: you need to defeat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over. 

One of the perks of this game is the use of just one card deck – unlike many variations. After each hand, the deck is reshuffled – making it more random and fair. Moreover, Single Deck Blackjack also features an exciting side bet option – with even more winning potential.

In the side bet function, you need to create the best poker hand with three cards. A three-of-a-kind, a flush, or a straight can get you the win. What’s more, the odds for this side bet are usually set at 9-1, making it a great way to try for big wins.

So, if you’re after relaxation and a potentially very financially rewarding gaming experience, Single Deck Blackjack is a top choice for games single mums play, combining classic gameplay with even more winning prospects.


Poker, a hugely popular game, has seen a significant increase in the number of women playing according to research. This rise is hailed as the best news of the decade, indicating that more and more women are looking to test their skills and strategies at the poker table.

The success of female players in the poker world is one of the reasons more women are starting to give it a go. However, there are other factors at play that make poker appealing – its entertainment value, strategic gameplay and the opportunity to win big prizes are all also major attractions.

Poker is perfect for mothers who are looking to develop skills as well … providing challenges as well as a way to win money.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette takes the excitement of traditional roulette gameplay to a whole new level, offering even greater chances of striking electrifying payouts. This game includes all the things we love about traditional roulette – but takes it to the next level. You can save your favourite bets, access the stats from previous rounds and chat with others as you play. 

However, the real thrill comes from the potential to multiply your payouts by up to 500x. In every spin of the wheel, numbers will be struck by lightning,  – giving you the chance to boost your wins from anywhere between 50 and 500 times your original payout – a 1:1 payout could become a 500:1 payout – and a 35:1 payout could become a 17,500:1 payout. 

The electrifying atmosphere of Live Lightning Roulette gives you the feel of a TV game show, complete with cutting-edge lighting, captivating sound effects and glamorous hosts who immerse you in the action.

Moreover, you can expect a user-friendly experience with an easy-to-understand interface so you don’t need to think too deeply. With Live Lightning Roulette, you can enjoy a fun online gaming experience like never before. A great game that single mums play

Lara Croft Temples and Tombs

If you’re after girl power, then look no further. You get to become the iconic Lara Croft in an action-packed slot that brings her to life in thrilling fashion. This action of this cool 5-reel, 243-way slot all happens inside an ancient tomb – and you help her search for its hyphen treasures.

The rolling reels mechanism means you can get multiple wins from a single spin. Furthermore, every time the wild symbol lands, coins will be thrown into a pot, all increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot game.

You have the chance to win three different jackpots: Minor, Major, and Grand, with each jackpot offering impressive rewards of 15x, 100x, and 5,000x your stake – not a bad way to while away an hour or two eh?

Thai Emerald

Thai Emerald, the final entry on our list offers a soothing and enjoyable real money slot experience. While the males of the species may not be as excited by this one, it’s a perfect choice if you’re after a more relaxing gaming session.

Its captivating design, with its stunning waterfall backdrop, creates a serene atmosphere to help you unwind from your day’s trials and tribulations as you play. Immerse yourself in this tranquil world and savour the peace it brings.

Conclusion: What casino games do single mums play the most?

Do, there you have it … from the thrills of Lightning Roulette and Lara Croft to the calm serenity of Thai Emerald, there are some great games to suit all tastes – all great for when the kids are off your hands and you have some me time. So, why not give them a go … but remember, always keep it fun!

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