Yes, there is free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast

free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast

As a frequent visitor to the sun-kissed shores of the Surfer Paradise with my energetic brood, I’ve learned that beneath the glitzy exterior of theme parks and tourist attractions lies a treasure trove of free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast.

Let’s face it, those theme parks can put quite a dent in your wallet, and as a mum on a budget, I’ve made it my mission to uncover the best no-cost activities to keep my little ones gleefully entertained.

In this guide, I’ll take you on a journey through the Gold Coast’s hidden gems, sharing the delightful freebies that have saved my family’s vacations. From pristine beaches and charming parks to captivating wildlife encounters and cultural experiences, there’s a plethora of cost-free adventures waiting to be explored.

By weaving these pocket-friendly activities into your itinerary, you can ensure that your kids have an unforgettable time without breaking the bank.

When people hear Gold Coast, they immediately think about the famous Surfers Paradise Beach. You know, the stretch of golden sand and the surfing lifestyle that people around the world (and my kids) enjoy.

For my brood, the place has truly become a massive playground. Every time we visit, they bring out the gear to dig in the sand, and then spend time on the surfboard and ride the waves – while I sunbathe and supervise on the side.

For beach breaks, there’s an adjacent esplanade with a sitting area and a barbecue section where my kids and I love to hang out, taking in the majestic oceanic view.

If you’re planning a family trip, this national park is a can’t-miss attraction for your adventurous moppets — it’s one of Queensland’s World Heritage properties.

Think about mesmerising waterfalls, olden trees, lush rainforest and animals that can’t be found elsewhere … that’s Springbrook. It’s like wandering through a epic history book.

And what kid who adores Indiana Jones (like mine does) would want to miss an ecological caper?

In Springbrook National Park, you’ll find a 100-million-year-old ancient vegetation, a one-of-a-kind pheasant-sized songbird and over a thousand flowering plant species.

A mind-blowing adventure for adult and children nature enthusiasts. A completely free show from Mother Nature herself.

Burleigh Heads Beach is magical all-year round. It’s one of those places flocked by locals and tourists alike … and why not? It’s not too commercialised and offers plenty of free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast.

Burleigh Heads is definitely the best all-round beach. There are bustling dining hubs and shopping centre for the whole family to enjoy.  And then around the corner, a lovely playground to keep kids entertained.

But what my sweet chicks and I truly love about this beach is the visually stunning headland along the coastline with a walking track that draws a breathtaking sunset vista to beat.

I’m telling you, it’s worth the hike!

What kid doesn’t like water playgrounds? Mine go ecstatic for Broadwater Parklands so we visit any chance we get.

What makes this parkland my youngster’s go-to place? Well, it has three different playgrounds which means there are plenty of splashes to be had.

Broadwater Parklands is a sculptural water play area with fountains, tidal rock pools and a creek bed, all oceanic-themed.

And, when the youngsters get tired of dips, slides and laps, there’s a shady patch for picnic and a vast grassy spot to walk or ride a bicycle. All without payment a cent!

While wondering about educational and free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast, I suddenly had an idea to take my little ones to the Regional Botanic Garden. And it works perfectly — it’s free entry and opens on the weekends.

When we got there, the sensory garden attraction was just half of the whole experience. There are actually plenty of family activities to enjoy (to my utter surprise) such as slides (large and toddler) and climbing frames … and we tried them all.

The range of events is exciting, but the best part was the guided walk to see the birds and native bees — that one put a big smile on my children’s faces.

Secret swimming holes and glassy waters — Currumbin Rock Pools has a gorgeous outlook with a range of free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast.

Believe me, this treasure is worth a drive with your little ones. It’s not just the swim in calm waters, but the dashing swing on the rope and leap on the rivulet which my little tornado dared with glee. And if your little one is too scared to try, she can still splash in the rocks nearby.

After the insatiable fun in the water, the family can have a picnic for lunch on the grassy banks, lounge and just admire the scenic view.

My animal-loving kids have always wanted to see the kangaroos in action. So, I finally took them with me on a Saturday trip to visit Coombabah Lake Conversation Park.

And there were my cubs and I, slack-jawed, looking at what seems like a hundred kangaroos hopping in the conservation area, biting dust at their wake.

While they are spotted any time of the day, I suggest visiting around 4 PM (like we did) because that’s a sight to behold, complete with a backdrop of the orange glow of the afternoon sun.

There are also areas for bike rides and trail walks, but we were there for the kangaroos and oh boy, they did not disappoint.

As a single mum, I want to instil to my children the love for reading. And what better way to kickstart that journey, than to take them to a surprise library trip to the Gold Coast Libraries.

The city’s athenaeum was the perfect opportunity to let my young learners explore the different cultures around the globe.

The library has 13 branch locations across Gold Coast, offering rare books, special collections, online services and a mobile library.

Since the visit was new to my kids, I made it fun for them. I let them navigate the many shelves by themselves … so, I suggest you put a twist and do the same.

Burleigh Markets is not just a market, it’s a place to experience the people, fresh products and creative entrepreneurs. That being said, for your curious younglings, a visit means immersing in the life and culture of the natives.

The Burleigh market community is bustling with activities and busy stalls of food, crafts, clothes, flowers, and deli goods.

And me and my children sampled the line of tasty foods while being entertained by local talents which only happens every Saturday … lucky us!

While the night vibe was incredibly magnetic, nothing beats Burleigh market in the morning with the wonderful smells of bakery treats brewing the atmosphere.

Paradise Point Foreshore has a pretty spot that offers an easy access to the canal system which is very convenient for kayak anglers.

But we’re not there for kayaking, the place has several platforms that’s perfect for fishing, whether you’re a past master or beginner, like me and my kids.

So, there we were with our gears and plastic chairs. And though, we were mighty positive to throw in the line and reel in for a catch of mangrove jack and bream, we failed to get a bite!

Anyhow, it was a learning experience for us, and besides, there was plenty of fantastic scenery that still made our visit worthwhile.

Looking for free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast? How about a waterfall hike with the most exquisite views of the hinterland region of Tamborine Mountain.

Whenever I need my young children to do a good walking exercise, I take them to the 11 scenic trails of this tourist attraction. The enchanting treks of Curtis falls and lower creek circuit are totally kid-friendly routes, short and easy.

But apart from the waterfall hike adventure, taking photographs and birdwatching were great side entertainments that kept our energy up till the finish line.

Final words: Free entertainment for kids on the Gold Coast

So there you have it!

The Gold Coast is not all about the expensive theme parks selling $20 dollar burgers which leave your purse empty with every visit. There are some fabulous free things to do that you and your kids will love.

My recommendation is to plan your itinerary with a mix of paid and free activities to keep your budget intact and the kids happily entertained throughout your visit.

I hope my advice and suggestions will encourage you to visit the Gold Coast with your kids, knowing it isn’t all bright lights and big bucks. There’s so much more to this region which is available to you without paying a cent, so start planning your Gold Coast trip today.

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